Bank Of England - 2011 Intake

Bank of England

Has anyone had experience with the BOE recruitment process?

I have just been invited to sit a 1.5 hour analytical writing test in their office.


Hey chocopie
I have absolutely no idea and am trying to change my interview date with them as well ( accidentally chose 8th)

I thought I would call them up but it clearly mentions on the email not to email them regarding hints/tips about the recruitment test.

I did manage finding a really old thread on Wikijob for BOE 2008, but I think the tests might have changed.

When is your interview?

I applied for the internship role so didn’t have to choose a specific role as there weren’t any to pick from in the first place.


Hey people, I did get an invite too but I havent had the chance to check it out too, It was said to be like Structured English stuff that I am not so sure about.

Do you have the choice of dates? up to middle of December?

Why really do you need to go to the Bank to do it? too elaborate no?

Think i iwll check the thread re boe2008 and get some ideas


I am still clueless about the test but I think they want you to do it in their office as you could literally write a brilliant essay with your lecturers and hand it in to them.

If you do find some info ola- it would be great if you could post it down here. I managed to book myself for a date I wasn’t available for but the recruitment team managed to put me in a slot that suited me.


Hey even I have an invite for the same.

All help is appreciated.


Just like everyone else - clueless on what to expect!


@ chitkararahenna and Jon009

When are you scheduled to have your first round?


I guess no one wants to give anything away - good luck to everyone!

I have mine early this week.


Mines on the 6th - going for the HR role. So yea, would welcome any info on the non-eco paper : )


Hi Guys,

I attended the assessment centre.

It’s straigh forwrd… you arrive at the beautiful building, got taken to the 3rd floor i think and we were each assigned to a desk that had a laptop and papers on it.

soon we had all settled down and the HR person was reading the instructions for us.

They had a case study that you have to analys and write a report to your manager. The case study is about a fictions bank in UK called WSB taking over another bank in a fictions country called NSB. The case study describes what the WSB’s main activities in the UK, how long it has been trading, how it was formed( through M&A), its board of directors, etc. then continues to talk about how WSB bought 100% of NSB in the different country, what NSB’s main activites are, how much % of the market it has, etc…
… Then the new chariman of WSB discovers a fraud within NSB and blows the whistle…

again another part of the case study describes a new law that the UK had passed in regards to managing fraud cases or liquidation of banks within the UK. it is just a decription of the law so i would suggest read this bit carefully and make notes as you read. Also explain a brief function of FSA in UK…

so the questions is something like assume your manger has asked you to write a report.
1 a summary of WSB’s structure and it;s relationship to NSB
2. To describe NSB’s activities and chose which one you would recommend to your manager to keep and justify reasons
3. advice your manager what law would be applicable to this case and justify your reasons…

My wordings are not exact but it gives a picture of what to expect. my advice is if you are a slow typer, write coz regreteably I only managed to type one question and ran out of time.

make sure you are keeping an eye on the time

and I would assume the last question is heavily weighted…

Hope this question helps

all the best !!!


Iv not yet taken the date…will be next week end …probably 9th if any slot is available …

all the best for urs …n do let us know how was it…



Thanks v. much for sharing moccachino. Mind if I ask if you applied for a finance/ econ. position or non-econ position?


I applied to non-finance. There were people who had applied for other schemes such as Stasistics and were doing the same exam


Thanks moccachino…has ayone gon through the excersise for econ/finance positions yet? i have mine scheduled next week and any helps/tips would be really appreciated…Not really sure if it is going to be a thecnical exam and which bits of economics they can ask…they just say on the website the exam for economists is completely different from non finance schemas!!



Thanks for that.

I applied for internships and since there were no options other than Econ/Finance role, I have been told there will be 2 essays:

  1. Eco based
  2. Non eco based

Assuming you have covered the second with your great insight. Thanks


Any idea on the topics for the economic essays?


Had the test yesterday and since I do not want to disrespect the recruitment system especially after it was emphasized how possessive they were about their tests i’ll give out advise:

  1. Consider time : I couldn’t end it on a high.
  2. Know how the economy works
  3. Look into terms: doing economics myself but I tend to take certain terms for granted. Well not the BOE since they consider every little aspect.

Pretty sure I won’t make the cut for the next round.

Would appreciate it if I do not get PMs regarding the tests as I much rather share advise with everyone on this forum without disclosing the actual case.

Good luck.


In addition to my earlier post-
There is nothing you can do to prepare for the test. Reading the website etc is all irrelevant as the case study does not involve much with what the banks role is but simply the case and graphs given to you.


Hey chocopie

The email address is

They took 2 days to reply. I had to email them twice before getting a response.
The first email you receive will be an automated one but hopefully they will get back to you asap.

Good luck


Waoh, well you never know @cartman, sometimes they do it this way and difficult to finish and that.

Mine is booked for the 9th and i am not even comfortable that i can’t prepare for it. Strange!