Bank of America Numerical Test pass rate


Hello people,

I have read on several websites that the pass mark for Kenexa test is between 65-75%. I really do not believe that this is the case.
I know that I achieved 80% on the BOAML test and I was still rejected.

I am begining to think that they have an automatic process that filters out non target universities. I go to UOB, and I have a First. I score 80% on their tests and I am still rejected.


BOA has some weird criteria. I applied last year for an internship and I passed the testing stage. they later asked me to fill out an actual questionnaire n later they rejected me. I m from LSE. i guess they only accept oxbridge students if not lse n UOB. Good Luck anyways


I dont know whether this can help or not but … I am a DPhil from Oxford, I applied for summer internship … and I havent even received the invitation for online tests!!! :slight_smile: My application is under review … so no idea


It might depend on the area you’re applying for, not sure. I go to Notts uni and got through the numerical tests so who knows what they’re looking for…