Bank of America Meryl Lynch - Technology Internship 2013


Thought I would share my experience:

Application form + PSL Logical

Phone Interview

First Why Banking, Why BOAML, Where else have you applied and if you get offers from them who would you choose and why?

Standard competency - When have you had to gather data about a problem to solve it, Team working, What do you like to do socially, etc.

Assessment Centre

By far the worst I have been to, badly organised, ridiculously long and long periods of just waiting around doing nothing, plus a shocking lunch.

Numerical Test - not SHL/PSL so no familiar questions, is very tough because you need to use their calculator which is awful, time pressure immense 32 questions 35 minutes

Presentation - they email you day before saying you have to prepare a presentation on a project for 5 mins to an assessor, followed by some questions. No time to prepare on the day, you go in and deliver.

Group Exercise - you each have a different role and need to decide on a project for BOAML to use and present to the finance director. Standard surprise email raising costs half way through

Logical Test - PSL piece of piss

Interview 1 - Competency, Why BOAML, conflict within a team, had to react to changing circumstances, Interesting banking event recently, who do you manage risk with reward

Interview 2 - Competency - Why BOAML, a goal you have set for yourself, where do you see yourself, what do you want to do at BOAML

Interview 3 - Technical - 5/10 mins, what do you know about Windows Server, Unix, Cloud Computing, Windows 7/XP, we were told to be honest if we didn’t know

All in all a tough assessment centre but very poorly organised. There were 12 people and we were divided in 2x6, but while one group did one thing we just sat around doing nothing. Lunch overran and was just awkward trying to make conversation with assesors who clearly wanted to be elsewhere.

Advice is to practice hard on the numerical, as it was very tough.

The internships are primarily in desktop support on the trading floor so be sure that’s what you want to do. I realised it wasn’t what I wanted but BOAML is a leading IB and pushes the graduates very hard, so it may be well worth the 10 weeks for long term gain.