Bank of America Merrill Lynch Interview

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Was just browsing through the forum but couldn’t find anything about telephone interview questions at baml, heard they are not competency based but technical only. Is that true for every division? Can somebody share his/her experience with us?


Hi Sarahstu,

Do you mind sharing your telephone interview experience?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi had an assessment centre last week wondering if anyone else has had one and if you have heard anything back or know when we will be told?


hey, which position are you applying for? I just did mine this monday


FX operations analyst, u?


credit risk management. They said we will know the result this week.


Ah right, was at chester or London? how did it go? I only had it on thursday so i’ll give it to the end of the week till i contact them,


Hey babyfacewen, could you tell me what activities did the AC for credit risk involve? And did you apply for graduate position or summer internship? I have AC for summer internship next week. Thanks for help!


Hi (this is for IBD)

You will first have a numerical test, you can not use your own calculator…you will use theirs.
After that you will have a case for one hour where you read information for three different firms. You are supposed to come up with solutions where BoA can help these clients.
After the small case you will present it for an associate/VP from the division.

After that you will have one or two one-to-one interviews with associates from the division you have applied. They will ask you some technical questions as well as fit questions. Some brain teasers may come up depending on the interviewer.


Hey SteveBlowjobs,

Thanks for sharing!! I am not applying for IBD but I have been invited to an AC as well.
Could you tell me more about the numerical test? Is it SHL or Kenuxa or something that surprises everyone?
Also, what kinds of techincal questions were you asked in the interviews? How to value a company? Or recent news? Or lots of ratios?

Thanks millions of times!!

ps: Nice name, mate~


@ Jamescoook (a.k.a. James Cock :P)

The numerical test is made from Kenexa but not the type of tests that you find on the internet. These questions are different although some might look like the ones that you do online. I can’t tell you really about the technical questions because it will be depend on what interviewer you have. Some had a lot of technicals while some didn’t have any technical at all. My recommendation is that if you have done a previous internship that you revise on how to value a company. News are of course a plus to know although if I remember correct no one got a question of the type “tell me about the latest crisis”…

Hope this helps… Good luck!


Something like that~ lol

Thanks for the advice!
About the numerical test. Are they more difficult than the online ones? Did you have a tight time constraint?? I’m quite worry about that because I’ve heard that if you fail you got rejected directly…
Also, it seems that you didn’t have a group discussion?
How did the AC go for you? Met any difficulties?