Bank of America Merrill Lynch Assessment Center for IT Analyst

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Hi everyone,

Going to BoA AC next week for IT Analyst.

I only know there would be

  1. a group practice
  2. a presentaion
  3. an interview
  4. re-taking numercial test
  5. re-taking verbal test
  6. lunch

But I’m not sure what the Group Practice and the Presentation look like, and what questions would be asked in the interview.

Anyone knows anything about it?

Many thanks.


Sorry, I was wrong about the verbal test.

There was no verbal tests, only numberical one.


Hi, so was it successful? I’ve got one for summer tech soon. Can I ask what the Group Activity and Presentation were about? it’d also be great if you can share something about the interview questions.

Thanks a lot!



I believe you have already attended BOA AC - I got a AC for GMO&MO on this Monday could you please confirm do we get the same sort of numeric questions or they will be different from the one we have completed online?

Any example of the presentation topic?

Many thanks.


Hi WhiteDune
I m going to have phone interview next Monday . Can you just throw me some light about the questions that they asked you , i applied Graduate Technology , I appreciate so much .
Many thanks .


Hi everyone , i have an Assessment center with BOA on 22nd Nov for technology.
Can any one help me on what would be the nature of group exercise, individual presentation and numerical test.
they have mention that there will be a technical interview. can any one focus on what kind of questions I should expect in technical round.

Many thanks