Bank of America Merrill Lynch AC

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Hi everyone,

Going to BoA AC next week for GMO Analyst.

I only know there would be

  1. a group practice 2. a presentaion 3. an interview 4. re-taking numercial test 5. lunch

But I’m not sure what the Group Practice and the Presentation look like, and what questions would be asked in the interview.

Anyone knows anything about it?

Many thanks.


hi…when is ur assemnt…mine is on monday


mine on Monday as well …


Hi I have an AC this Monday for GMO&MO Operations and Middle office analyst. They only let me know yesterday and so I have very limited time to research and prep the company.

Could you please summarise the break up of the day so I know what to expect? eg. numerical test and how many questions, etc

Please could you reply ASAP

Much appreciated!



They have also informed me yesterday, and only thing i know is there will be four main activities - Group exercise - Individual presentation on any very simple topic - Numerical test - and interview.

That all i know … if you guys have any other information please let me know.




I got called on friday but mine is on wednesday. All i know is the four activities as well. Please let me know if u find out any information and how yours goes. Best of luck on monday :slight_smile:


has anyone heard back yet?



did you hear back? wen was urs? wed?


YES my was wed and i have heard back … they called me yesterday! whats ur feedback?


@ SA , akoo and Kilopster

What were ur interview questions like and what format was the numerical test?? SHL, Kenxa or PSL? How many questions, how many minutes?

Thanks guys


anything on summer intern in trading?


Hey guys, I have been invited for graduate treasury analyst position in the coming week. Just wondering what is the format of the individual presentation, is it flip chart or ppt type, and is the topic technical one or something more general. Great thanks if anyone who’s been to BoA AC could offer any insight.


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