bank of america merril Lynch


Has anyone else applied to them? Quick question, if after the numerical test you get the additional question link have you passed the tests? thanks


Hi sj2886!
How was the online test you did for BoA/Merrill Lynch? Is it SHL-like or more/less difficult?

Many thanks.



its not SHL, personally I thought it was easier tbh but that might be cos i’m getting better at doing these tests :slight_smile:


hey, I wonder how you can open the link for europe positions.

their website sucks!


I agree. BoA website is difficult


That’s most of these graduate website. If you think this sucks, try Credit Suisse. Even more sucky!


Received another email from them said they r still working on it and asking me to wait patiently bla bla…


Any sign that indicates you pass the test? Will they send rejection immediately after the test?


If you pass the test you will get additional questions to answer. If you fail email pretty much straight away I think. Thats what they told me anyway.


How is the test anyway? They have numerical and logical test right? They dont have verbal test as much as I remember.


sj2886: really? i dont get any additional questions to answer and I don’t get any rejection straight away. That’s strange.


oh ok well ive applied to tech in london so probably different sorry


also i only had a numerical test not a logical, maybe i’ll get that later an interview or something - if i get that interview that is.


S.Le: I didn’t do well in the test so so my answer would be biased. It’s more difficult than the practice test they advise us to do in PSL. I didn’t get rejection for the numerical test though. By the way, I am applying to the position in Asia.


do u guys know what would be the starting pay for a Technology analyst ?


do u guys know what would be the starting pay for a Technology analyst ?


what is the pass mark for the test?


@cooldudehere70 I think it’s about £32k-£35k, full time (not internship)


anyone heard back anything after submitting the application???
for full-time positions? any division?


I’ve been told that they are waiting for the deadline to pass before they start inviting people to the first round of assessments.