Bank of America Corporate Banking Assessment center


I am going to BOA’ assessment center this tomorrow. I know it’s probably too late to ask but does anyone know what’s gonna come up ? In the email it just says there will be ‘group/individual exercises and presentations’.


hey, someone else posted below in the other thread, hope may be useful…you applied for corp banking fulltime?

Hi everyone,

First up is a numerical test. 21 questions, 1 minute per question.

Then you prepare for an individual presentation, you have 30 mins to prepare. It is based on current issues.

After preparation there is a group discussion. Speak confidently but don’t dominate.Ensure that you keep the brief at the forefront of the discussion.

Following that is the presentation itself. 10 minutes followed by questions if there is time.

After that there will be 1 or 2 interviews. There is not much you can do to prepare for these as they follow a path that is determined by your answers as you go along.

Hope this helps,

good luck everyone