Bank of America - Assessment Center - EMEA - London - Global Markets - Sales & Trading - Summer Analyst


I have been invited to bank of america assesment center for a summer analyst position in sales&trading in london.
I would like to know what kind of things they ask and how I should prepare.

  1. Is only one to one interview?
  2. is there some group work?
  3. Is there some numerical test?
  4. Do they have competency based interview?
  5. Do they have technical interview?

Please someone tell me what different test they have done and how i should prepare for each of them.

Thank you


Hi I have received the invite too. The e-mail I received says:

“This will involve a numerical test, presentation, group exercise and 2 interviews (competency & technical based).”

Don’t know what any of it will be about though


Hi, yeah got this email too, no idea what the presentation will be on! What date is your AC? Mine’s on the 11th


I chose 13th, got lectures the other days.

How do we prepare for the presentation? Have you had an assessment centre with one before?


I really don’t know mate, my first AC. I study maths at uni so I haven’t written an essay for like 2 years let alone made a presentation on something, half an hour seems like an awfully short amount of time to prepare for a 10 minute presentation on something followed by Q&A. I’m mainly just trying to get a good overview on the macroeconomy but it’s difficult when so many analysts seem to have conflicting views at the moment!


Same on the Maths front. Hard to understand half the stuff without any background in econ, but then that’s part of the fun.
Half an hour is definitely not enough time. After your AC could you post your presentation and group exercise please? And any odd questions from the interviews if you remember them?
Good Luck for Tuesday!


Promoting an incomplete website? Might want to check your spelling, capital letters and spacings.

Any conferences are welcome and much appreciated however.


Hi guys!

It seems like you already had your AC. I’m terribly curious what it was like.

I applied for Global Investment Banking and have my AC on 27th Jan. What should I expect? Any tips?



AC on 27th also, IBD summer intern Ldn, I have been told that we will have some case studies preparation in team, presentation in front of senior management followed by a Q&A and several face to face interviews…

That’s all what I know.


Ant13, cool! We might meat then! I wonder have many people will be there…

Anyway, did you ask them what will the AC be like or did they give you the info earlier? I didn’t get anything more specific than “a variety of individual and group tasks” which doesn’t really say anything…

I’m mostly scared of technical interviews:( Did they say anything about those? Some people had both a competency and a technical one, but others seem to have had just the comptency ones… I wonder how they decide who will have two and who’d have only the competency one.


Hi all,

Could you share your experience with rest of us??
How was the technical (!!) interviews???


For IBD interviews:

  • 20-30 min Numerical Test
  • 45 min to analyse a potential M&A situation, 1acquirer and 3 potential targets, up to you to decide which company
  • 30 min Team Grp discussion
  • 30 min Face to face interview!

Thank you
Then there was no presentation??
How was the interview?? Did you get any technical Qs?


YOu had to present the outcome of the grp discussion and to present your M&A simulation to an associate followed by questions on your reasoning…
You have several technical Qs during the interview like everywhere,
It is how it works for IBD interviews, no clue for S&T, Technology or Finance…



For BOA numerical and verbal test you should go to for practice. They have the actual REAL questions with worked solutions/explanations from various BOA tests!!!


nar wo


i have a boa ml AC coming next week,



May I ask if you are applying for a role in Chester, and if so, when did you apply please?
thanks al lot



May i ask if you are experienced or graduate of degree/masters please?
I heard that Chester only wants experienced not graduates so wondering what your background may be

good luck


Does the test in the AC contain verbal questions as well or classical numerical questions? tnx