Bank of america application 2013 programme


Hi there,

did anyone recently apply for BoA? I just passed the online Numerical Test and I’m filling in the additional questions. I applied for an off-cycle internship in Global Markets. What’s it gonna happen after this step?



After filling out the second form, they will review your application for further selection to interview. Then you will be attending assessment consisting of few group exercises, then another interview I think. Read it in their website. I have similarly applied for Corporate Treasury, got invitation to do the numerical test. Just wanna ask you, how did it go? was it something like the GMAT?what do you reccomend that I prepare? Not trying to make you uncomfortable, mate, but sure could make use of few advice. Best of luck and thanks in advance!


No bother mate. It’s a standard Kenexa test, nothing too hard. Just train on the traditional packages you can easily find googling “Numerical reasoning test”. It was very similar to the Morgan Stanley one, if interested. Good luck to you too!


Hi mate! just wondering approx. how long they will inform you after your done the test?


For information I passed the test and filled the additional questions more than a week ago, I have no news from them at the moment.


same. no news for agesssssssss


I have been waiting for two weeks now.


Anything? anyone? Another late rejection? … :frowning:


No, nothing, not heard a peep out of them yet


No news here as well, it is so annoying ((


Anyone apply for Corporate Banking? No new either


its been a month since I applied as well for the IBD graduate position. They said they will respond back by end of Oct (max).


Hello people, anyone has any news? It looks like nobody has any response so far…


I called them yesterday, and the guy on the phone told me that they are have too many applicants . and that I will know my result in a month time:))


No news either.


doesn’t sound too good to me… well, we can only wait now and hope.


Some of the banks aren’t hiring, but don’t like to say so because it hurts their image…


Anyone heard anything from BoA this wwek? Thanks


No news.


ah, rejected… not surprised. I wish some of these companies let us know the exact number of vacancies and if they are hiring at all(in some areas), this way it’s tapping in the dark. good luck to others :slight_smile: