Balfour Beatty - application to interview


Does anyone have any information for [[Balfour Beatty]] - it would be great to get some info on the company and on the interview process!


I was talking to their HR just a minute ago. Hopefully I ve passed the 1st tele.interview and come back here with some AC tips…


anyone got expereience of the telephone interview???

can anyone please give me any advice, or guidance of what to expect, I have my interview coming up very soon…





Have you seen the wiki page [[telephone interview]]? This will be helpful!


I submitted my online application form on 24th June for Balfour Beatty Rail, still haven’t heard anything from them. Anybody in similar situation?

Regarding Telephone Interview, companies sometime outsource telephone interview process and the questions are mostly competency based questions (sample q on wiki job website), least likely to be about the company itself.



Has anybody been for the interview at [[Balfour Beatty]]? How did it go?


Any tips on Balfour Beatty please heelllllpppp


Hey guys, I’ve got a telephone interview for Balfour Beatty on Monday for a Business Management Grad scheme… Anyone got any experience of this? Does anybody know the questions? any help would be MUCH appreciated!


has any1 applied this year?