Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly

Ive tried applying and doing a search for graduate vacancies but keep getting no results. Has anyone had any success with their system?


I haven’t been getting any results either, so you are not the only one. If anyone knows when their recruitment round starts, that would be wonderful


I emailed and asked, they are still considering their graduate requirements for next year and should know within the next few weeks apparently.


brilliant, i was just about to ask this question, foiund it a bit confusing as they were at the grad fair i went to but couldn’t apply. i also thought i had left applying to late again and had missed out :slight_smile:


Sorry to bump up this old thread. I also emailed in december and got the same reply about how they will open up shortly.
Has anyone heard anything since then or has a phone number you can ring them on because id rather know now whether to wait longer for them or if they are in fact just not going to have a graduate program this year.


I’m sure they will. Does seem weird that they wait this long though!



Does anyone know what their test boundaries are? (if they have one)

I recently took their online verbal test which I felt went really well as the verbal tests are my strongest point, When I clicked submit I received an error message followed by a prompt auto email from BT saying I have failed the test?

It was a kenexa test and I’ve had this issue before with their tests. Not sure the error has attributed to my "fail’.


Hi Knowslian

I would email BT about what you said happened and see if hey can give you some sort of explanation. If the error has contibuted to the test they might get you to take the tests again? I passed the tests about 2 weeks ago and still not heard when the assessment day is going to be :frowning:



The London - Corp. Finance position has been filled.


Hey gradtrainee!

Yeah I emailed them but unfortunately my test score wasn’t high enough leading to rejection. I’m pretty certain though that I got over 70% of the questions correct. So there benchmark must be pretty high i.e. high 80-90% region.


Sorry to hear about your rejection Knowslian. Don’t worry about it though. There’s a lot of people that say Kenexa ones are really hard, I think I must have got very lucky if their benchmark is so high!



Hello, how easy is it to transfer to your preffered location once you are employed by Baker Tilly at one of their regional offices?

Thank you.


hi gradtrainee…
how should i practice for the verbal and numerical reasoning tests?
i had them before for grant thornton (same kenexa) and failed! =(
Any help would be appreciated greatly. =)


hello everyone.
I am about to apply for BT graduate recruitment.
The only thing I am worried about is because of the reason that my GCSE and A Level equivalent are not from UK. I dont have the NARIC equivalent points certificate.
I have always submitted my marks as they are in other organisations and they have always accepted my marks equivalent.
If anyone has an experience can you please advise appropriately.
Many thanks in anticipation.


hey, I got the same problem, I just wrote my gcse equivalent scores and “n/a” for total ucas points. All companies are fine with it and it would be really silly of BT to ask to go to NARIC…


Hi guys
anyone had assessment centre with baker tilly?
It wud be great if you cud share yr experience


hey julbo, have you passed the online tests and are currently waiting for the next stage (assessment day)? if so i am in the same position!

do you have any idea of what it involves? also is it just an assessment day and then offer/rejection, or is there another further interview day?


Hey burds23
Yeah passed the tests last week and still waiting (so frustrating…)

From what i’ve read on this forum, nxt stage is assessment centre consisting of more tests + group discussion + partner interview… Then if ur successful, another interview with case study on the same day…

Not sure how reliable is the info i’ve got though…

gd luck with application


yeh same, very frustrating! passed tests monday 7th and not heard anything since.

which service line and office you applying for?


London audit