Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly

Apart from the ones on this website, does anyone know where the best place to practice for BT online assessments is?

Have you been through their recruitment process, any advice like pitfalls to avoid or that kind of thing?

Thanks in advance


Hi Jai Raj Harisein,

Sorry for the late reply. If you have already taken the tests, I hope you found them ok. Baker Tilly use psl tests, and practice tests are available at
The tests aren’t too bad, but practise is definatly worthwhile before hand, especially as some of the diagrammes on the tests can be used in the practice, so adds some familiarity.

No advice on pitfalls yet, although still waiting to have my final interview day, so will let you know after that. I have already received an offer from PwC, and am pretty sure I’ll take that one, but I really liked Baker Tilly at the first assessment centre so am wondering whether they may be able to persuade me!

I think the main thing with Baker Tilly is to be personable. They really want you to fit in with the team, so try not to be arrogant as that was definatly a downfall for somepeople on my assessment day!

Relax as much as possible and think of good questions to ask, so you show you are interested.

Let me know how the tests go/went!

good luck


Hey man,

Thanks for the reply. I done the tests on Saturday, and they were easier than I was expecting. I did do PSL tests to practice, and they were very handy. Got the email this morning that I had passed the test and an invitation to attend an assessment day later in the month which I’m looking forward too.

What’s the process like after the first assessment centre? More interviews?

Going to sit the PwC logical reasoning test tonight, but I’m not looking forward to it! Seems quite hard from what I’ve read on diagrammatical reasoning tests.


well done. I found the assessment day really good. The tests are ok, practice the day before helped me, and the people there are all really nice!

then after that…well I’m at that stage. it’s taken ages to get this next meeting as I think they’ve been busy and haven’t been able to arrange dates with partners! But I have the final stage on wednesday, which is two interviews and an individual exercise. I’ll let you know what its like once I’ve finished!

if you haven’t done the PwC logical test yet, then just practice the shl practice diagramatical reasoning tests - the ones for PwC are exactly the same…and once you’ve had a practice and got the hang of them they can be pretty easy!

good luck!


Thanks, good luck with your interviews when they come around. It’d be good to hear how you get on with them.

I logged on and did the PwC practice tests, then did the SHL one, and it was exactly the same in bits. The PwC one was shorter, but all those questions were in the SHL one. I think I’ll give it another few attempts before having a go at the proper test. Not as hard as I was first expecting, but the more difficult questions nearer the end of the practice had me guessing.

Which office have you applied to, if you don’t mind me asking?


Yeah, there was one really horrible one in the practice test which i still think is mean - there are definatly a couple of patterns! But if you’re only struggling with a couple you’ll be fine with the actual test!

I’m applying to Baker Tilly in London Audit, and PwC Cambridge.

Good luck with your real tests!


Were your online tests diagrammatic and numerical? Mine were verbal and numerical, must vary?! I’ve gotten through and still waiting for them to contact me for an assessment centre date, been a while now so either they’re really busy or waiting for more candidates to get an A/C going…I don’t like this wait getting nervous…


hi all
for those who passed the online tests - how long did you have to wait for the results?
many thanks!


It took them quite a while, roughly 3 weeks to let me know I passed. Still waiting for an AC, contacted them but they said they’re still sorting it out? Anyone else still waiting for an AC?


thanks for the post … wow so they really are taking their time… I took the tests on Wednesday so I guess I have a while to wait.


Finalist - im still waiting for my AC aswell… which office u applyin for??.. i called up the Birmingham Office a while ago and she was saying that they MIGHT be able to re-organise a AC date for me, because i was supposed to go to one on the 5th Feb but couldn’t make it.

She said that the 5th might have been the final AC for the Birmingham office so im a little worried…hope i havnt just thrown away the chance to get a job there!!


Ruz1 : I’m applying for the Liverpool office, there’s been no hint of a date wotsoever for mine, been ages…keep your fingers crossed that you’ll still get an AC, it’ll depend more on the quality of applicants that they may/may not fill all places!! Failing that ask them transfer you to another office if you aren’t too bothered…


Hiya, I have an assessment center on Feb 18th for audit in the Chelmsford office but I’m having it in the London office. I heard back within 3days of my online tests. I hope my A/C goes well but good luck with hearing back from them!



Anybody knows how long it takes to get an answer after having finished the online tests?


I took the tests last Wednesday. Stil waiting for results. When did you take your tests Khaddi?


Today but really do not feel confident over it you know anything roughly about what pass rates they have?


Well I only answered 15 out of the 20/21 questions given so its atleast <75%. Saying that I don’t know if its accuracy that counts more as I’m confident that 14/15 were answereed correctly and I got an AC. :slight_smile:


I’ve always thought they were standardized against other people who take it. I’ve noticed it to be about the 60% percent mark to pass to be in the top 75 percentile, which is usually sufficient. But don’t quote me on that.

@ dionne good luck for the AC, is it the final round or will you get another round of partner interviews later?


Hi Dionne

How was the assessment day? Any tips or anything to be wary of?

Many thanks!