Baker Tilly - when should I hear?!

Baker Tilly

I attended a first round assessment centre on Tuesday, and although all the information regarding Baker Tilly says you should hear within 72hours, I haven’t heard anything yet…I’m wondering if this is usual?
Is it 72hours…as in 3 whole working days after the assessment? do i need to wait until monday? Or do you think its 72hours from the assessment?

I’m tempted to give them a call, but don’t want to hastle - has anyone else experienced a long wait with them?


I’d say that there’s no harm in a phone call, but maybe they’re gonna do it either this afternoon or monday - if I were you, I’d sweat it out a little more.


Thanks joyrevision - always good to get a second opinion!

Still haven’t heard so looks like I’'ll have to sweat it out over the weekend…so mean!! :o(

Oh well, hopefully it’ll be worth the wait!

I don’t have a direct line to the people in HR i have been dealing with so if I don’t hear by monday do you think it is still best to go through the switch board and call them? or do you think I should email instead?



Switchboard’d be fine, you’ll get to the right people eventually. Phone call’s better than an email too cos you get a response right away.


Hey guys,

Guessing it might be that they haven’t looked at anything recruitment-wise recently as I’m still waiting for the results of my online tests that I took on Tuesday, it’s so annoying to be left waiting! Surely it can’t take too long to see if I passed or not? (Most likely not!) Do you remember how long you had to wait embee?

Good luck!


Hi KK_2008,

I took my tests on a wednesday and received an email on that friday asking me to assessment.
As far as I know they wait until they have about 7-9 people before they arrange an assessment day so maybe they’re just waiting for some more completed tests?!

I’d hold out for a good week (had to wait that long with PwC for my test results) before you worry too much, and remember its alot quicker to let you know if you haven’t passed the online tests, so often no news is good news.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed thats the same after the assessment! Although getting a bit worried now!

Good luck and let us know how it goes.


Hey embee16

HOw did the a/c go? Just wondering as I have an A/C coming up soon!

many thanks