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I am currently applying for the Baker Tilly Tax Adviser graduate scheme.

I have a history degree 2.1, and am on course to get a distinction in my MSc (only got thesis to hand in so distinction is pretty much guaranteed). I had undertaken a history degree with the intent of pursuing a role in the finance sector, as I know that it is a good degree to have for these graduate schemes. However, I had changed these plans when I received funding to do my Masters, and planned to do a PhD. However, funding for PhDs were badly cut this year, and the competition was stiff so I only have one more chance to get this so I need to start thinking about reverting back to my initial plan, which I am more than happy to do.

As it is late in the year, this is the only scheme left open and I need to get the application in asap. This is the first one I have ever done so I was wondering if anyone with experience applying to Baker Tilly, or a similar scheme, would be willing to help me with my application. I have filled it all in, and it is good to go. However, I wanted to see if someone experienced in this would have a quick look at my answers and offer me some advice. I was going to post the entirety of the answers I had given on here, but I don’t know what the protocol for that is so I will happily message someone instead.

I hope there is someone out there who could offer me some advice as I am very keen to try and get this role.

Thanks in advance.



I want to apply for a tax role. Could you shed some light on the application process ? Thanks


Hi woodpecker84

I think this thread would help you


Thanks for the link but it seems to contradict what is on their website…


Their website says online application, tests then and invitation to an AC which is what I’ve been put thru… Why? What is your experience like?


Well the link above said assessment day and then interviews …but their website just talks about the ac as the last round… That’s why… I have applied but still haven’t got any response…


Within the assessment day there should be a first round interview but I know that after that they have a partner interview which comprises of a case study. I think they are pretty vague about the last partner interview but prepare for it!


Thanks for the info… I guess I will have the online tests instead of the telephone interview as it is not an RSM office… How hard were their tests ?


I guess so! But someone say they were applying for tax but got a telephone interview? I’m not sure. What’s the harm in preparing for both! Hehe

The tests were basic, SHL if not mistaken. If you’ve done loads then this should be a breeze


Thanks and good luck for the ac !


I’ve just been thru an AC yesterday :slight_smile:

shared my experience here:

hope this helps guys!