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Baker Tilly

Hi all,

I have recently received offers from both Baker Tilly (starting in Jan 2009) and PWC (April 2009) and obviously have a big decision to make and wondering if anyone could provide some advice. I know aome advantages of Baker Tilly is that there wont be much overtime and when you do you can claim it back time off in lieu and the good work-life balance. however PWC also rave about their work-life balance and the advantages of having PWC on my CV outwieghs Baker Tilly. plus the option to go into investment banking a year or 2 after qualifying is something i may consider and believe would be much more likely of happening with training at a big 4 firm. I know i will have to work unpaid overtime during the busy period at PWC but they pay a bit more anyway. Another consideration is overseas secondments which is possibly something id like to do and although both have large multinational networks PWC surely will have more oppertunities for this. One other thing is i imagine there will be more chances to be promoted at baker tilly if you do well as they are a smaller firm and growing so therefore creating available senior positions.

Any help would be much appreciated.


If you go for one of them can I have the other one… >_>




Well. PwC might go bust when people start to figure out that is was partly their fault that some of the banks went bust through audit mis-management. …but it is unlikely.

What do you want? - prestige or happiness? Money or work/life balance?

PwC is obviosuly a much more well-known name to have on your CV and working there will be much more prestigious. But you won’t get great work/life at PwC. You’ll work late and it’s so big you’ll not get to know that many people very well.

In general, people are statistically far more likely to be happy working for a smaller firm, where they can get to know people, leave on time, have less pressure, have more fun, get promoted more easily, learn about more things faster… you’ll probably get this at BT.

They are both good firms to work for. I’d pick the place you felt happiest walking in to.


Is it as simple as money or happyness? There isnt much difference between the starting salary i have been offered and i dont think id neccesarily be unhappy at PWC although i do want to be happy in work and do believe theres a higher chance at BT but if i can be happy at PWC id prefer to work there for the future career prospects.

Thanks for the help guys


oh and joy revision yes u can have the other offer :slight_smile:



cake for everyone!


you seriously think PWC could go bust over this audit mismanagement of the banks?
They dont seem to be having to much repercusions except in CF. The audit service line seems to be ok as far as i knew. Dont like the sound of starting my training and then they go bust…

youve given me more to think about now argghhhhhh


No. It’s hugely unlikely that they’ll go bust. Although… they did REALLY screw up with Northern Rock, and I believe they were also the auditors for AIG? And… if there were more… then who knows!!

But in reality, it’s very very unlikely they’ll go bust. And there is infact probably equal chance of PwC going bust as BT. Plus - even if you had a job at PwC and it did go bust, you’d still almost certainly be hired by another large accountancy firm because they usually absorb people when this type of thing happens - e.g. Arthur Anderson and Deloitte.


Such problems often arise with BIG firms so no need to worry about that.However, sometimes being an applicant at KPMG I too get worried about the Tax fraud trial going on against ex-KPMG partners in the USA.