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This forum thread is for people applying for graduate roles at Baker Tilly, to ask questions about the company, job applications and the interview and assessment process. Your contributions are much appreciated!


I have an assessment centre coming up this week for the Baker Tilly Audit graduate scheme 2015. The invitation just states that the day will consist of group exercises and interviews… Is there any more guidance on what the format of the day will be?



Hi there

You might find this page pretty useful:

Good luck!


Has anyone else had their final assessment centre with Baker Tilly? I’ve got mine coming up in a couple of weeks and would appreciate any tips/advice :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! Anyone for 2015 have a telephone interview, pass that interview and not hear back for a while?

My application experience so far has been:
Applied Dec
Telephone Interview Jan
Heard back within an hour saying I passed and that I would be informed about the next stage soon.

It’s now nearly April and haven’t heard anything! Reading other threads from past years I can see that some people sometimes don’t hear back for months! I’ve emailed them/tweeted them but haven’t heard back yet.

Any others in the same boat?


I’m waiting to hear about when mine may be (been waiting to hear for 2 months lol).

Let me know how it goes and good luck! Also roughly how long between your phone interview and hearing about the date for the assessment centre did you have to wait?


Hi, I recently applied to Baker Tilly and found out that I have to come in to the office to sit the tests. Has anyone else done this before? If so what do you recommend wearing? The only purpose of going there is just to sit the tests so I am not too sure on what to wear… Also does anyone know how difficult these tests are? Thanks


Wear what you’d wear for an interview.

Tests aren’t as hard as some online ones for other companies, but don’t worry it’s actually a lot easier in real life than online.


Hello, I have been invited to one of these as well and have it tomorrow. I am so afraid they will spring something else on me like the interview on case study can you confirm you just had to do the online tests as the email says. Thanks


Mine was just the tests. Go in, and sit the numerical + verbal tests then go home. The only other thing we had to do was give a brief intro to the other candidates of our name/age/what we studied and which uni (if applicable).

Also, I should mention that if you applied for the internal audit role you also have a written test. One of the guys I met was suprised (he told me that the email didn’t tell him that he had a written test!).

Good luck.


Hi, can you tell me if the tests are still booklet based as the previous years? Did you apply for audit (if so, can you confirm that there isn’t a surprise written test like internal audit?) and also did you find out your results on the day? Thanks!


Yes, everything was booklet based. I hadn’t experienced anything like that before so it was quite new to me

And yes I applied for audit, so I had no written exercise.

My test was on the 5th and the second stage was supposed to be on the 13th (tomorrow). But they’ve been really busy and I only heard back like 2 days ago, they told me they’ve had to cancel the second stage date and that it’ll be in either mid December or early January.


Has anyone attended the assessment centre for BT/RSM for audit trainee?

Please let me know asap


Hi I’ve got my first stage assessment centre on the 16th (this monday) for the internal audit assistant role. I got told that there will be a numerical test, a verbal reasoning test and an internal audit report. I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on the numerical and verbal reasoning tests seeing that they will be paper based.
Also, can anyone provide suggestions as to how to prepare for this internal audit report as I don’t know what they will be asking me to do. Can someone reply asap, will be helpful. Thanksss


Numerical one wasn’t too bad. Verbal I didn’t think i done great but turned out I done well.

You should get 10 minutes to absorb all the info in the booklet. If I was you, I wouldn’t waste time writing too many notes down. Use those 10 minutes to remember where everything is so when you do the questions you can quickly locate the relevant area.

Remember, you don’t need to get everything right. Numerical I probably briefly gussed about 6/7 at the end because I ran out of time and for the Verbal I am sure i guessed near enough 10 lol…

I didn’t do internal audit so can’t help you with the written report

all the best


Has anyone had their second stage assessment centre yet?


I have mine on Monday too! I have no idea what to expect - I heard from someone that it’s really difficult…


My application status on the website says I am invited to the second stage but there is no date posted


I have an assessment centre with RSM/BT tomorrow so I will be posting my experience of it tomorrow. For some reason I had to come into their offices a couple of weeks ago and do their testing so I would assume I won’t be asked to do it again.


Hope your AC went well! I was wondering if you were asked any commercial awareness questions in the manager and/or partner interview?