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I have an 1st round assessment day coming soon at Baker tilly and was wondering if anyone could offer any advice? :s

I’ve looked at the wikijob profile and understand that they will ask us to make an investment decision but how would we go about doing that?

Any other tips/help would be welcome as I’m getting so frustrated from being rejected and have already graduated :frowning:


It was a while ago but I had a Baker Tilly assessment day (and failed). It my first assessment day that I had ever been to and I find it quite difficult.

The day began with a presentation held by a partner telling us why Baker Tilly was so wonderful. You have a bit of time to ask questions; just throw in one so that you seem interested.

If I remember correctly the test we had to do was slightly different than the ones online. We were given a booklet to read through and then had to answer questions. Questions were mainly (if not all, I can’t remember exactly) numeracy based and I sort of panicked when I had trouble using their calculators. So bring your own so you’re comfortable with it.

Afterwards we had to do a group assessment which I thought was badly run compared to others that I had been in. There were 8 of us or so and we were given only 10-15minutes to discuss which gave us very little time to put any contribution. To be honest I was 95% sure that I had messed up the written test before hand and it was difficult to get involved.

Finally there was a lunch with a few of the trainees. There was just a table to get food from where we could walk around and talk to people.

Sorry i can’t say more but I don’t remember it too clearly.


Thanks Terry! That is still very useful.

Just wondering what the group assessment involved? (if you remember haha)



I had an assessment centre on Friday and found out a couple of hours ago that I had passed. I thought it was a pretty enjoyable experience (except the numerical and verbal tests), the presentation was great and really sells the firm well as do they current graduate trainees at the end of the day. The numerical and verbal tests were alot harder than online and sometimes required information from several different articles / data. I thought id messed up the maths (usually my strong point) as I only answered 23 out of 30 and felt like id wasted time on 1 or 2 questions but as I passed I must of done OK. So dont panic if you think youve done badly theyre supposed to be harder than the online ones and relax as its the group discussion afterwards, which I really enjoyed. It was about a failing business and how to invest in some donated money (3 examples were given) and I really enjoyed discussing the issues with fellow applicants. Just make sure you speak and let others speak and that you can argue your point but also back down if you realise someone else has made a better point. And be aware of time as you all need to reach a decision by the end, if nobody mentions the time limit make sure you mention there is one and how you should use it. Hope that helps?


thanks, yup that does help! I guess i’m just worried incase i argue one point and everyone argues a different point haha

And there was no interview on the day right?

Good luck with the next round!


No there was no interview thats the next stage. As long as your point is valid and can give a reason then it doesnt matter just accept everyone else’s point gracefully. Theres no wrong answer really its only bad if you dont speak or try and argue your point untill youre blue in the face. Just dont be too dominant or too reserved and youll be fine.

Good luck


thanks, I really appreciate the help :slight_smile:

good luck in finding your job!


Thanks for the help guys,

I didn’t get it :frowning: I don’t really know why, I thought i contributed alot to the group, asked questions in the partner presentation etc

If anyone wants the know, the group exercise hasn’t changed for 3 years,

Its about a failing theatre and you have three options to try and save it, (buy shares, spend on advertising or refurbish the bar and restaurant),

Thanks anyway guys,


Hard luck. Dont worry im sure youll get something soon. I recently got rejected from grant thornton but then on the same day got a phone call to say PWC are giving me an offer so im happy about that :slight_smile:

Good luck in future applications


I’ve rang them 3 times for feedback and emailed and left voice mail because they are “never in” and always busy!

thanks haggiz, keeping my spirit up


Did you leave messages? …they should really be getting back to you!



I had it last thursday, found out on friday, emailed and called on friday, said i’ll call on monday, left message on monday…as all the HR people were busy…

I think i’ll haress them again tomorrow


…“busy” …tell them if they don’t get back to you you’ll start posting angry messages on WikiJob. …that’ll get them into action!


hi traineewannabe

I have an AC coming up soon and your posts have been very helpful. A question if I may - how many candidates were involved in your group discussion exercise?

I hope it’s changed to a number lower than 8… (referring to terry1986’s experience)

many thanks


mmm i think about 8 or maybe 7 as well, can’t quite remember!


thanks for quick reply!

That seems to accord with what an earlier poster said, so you probably remember correctly!

Hmm, i’ve never been a fan of group exercises which have more than 6 people… I feel it creates a pressure to try to say as much as pos regardless of the merit of your utterance more than anything else. Everyone vying for talk time.


Guys l recently attended a KPMG assessment center and failed. And in August l am attending an AC at Baker Tilly. Any valid tips please


ur Baker Tilly A/C where is it? and for what role?


AAT Trainee and in Leeds


Hi, i’ve got an AC coming up in the Leeds office for the same role. When is your AC?