Baker Tilly Audit 2014 intake

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Hi there,

Anyone had an interview with Baker Tilly recently?





I’ve applied for tax but have a phone interview scheduled for next Tuesday… have you gone through this stage already? Any tips?




Can you guys please clarify what the application process is like ? Thanks.



I had a phone interview about a week or two ago which was just 15 minutes long. From what I remember the questions were based around my education and a couple of competency questions. I heard back by email the next day to say I was successful and had been selected to go to the next stage, but I have not heard anything since and I don’t know what the next stage is! All a bit strange really. Especially seeing as according to their website they don’t do phone interviews… weird!


Thanks Chloe… Even I was confused by that. Can you tell me how hard were the online tests ?


Strangely I haven’t done the online tests! I had an email the day after completing the application form asking me to ring them to arrange a phone interview. I’m totally confused by the whole process! Sorry I can’t be any more help!


oh all right !! thanks and good luck


Hi guys,

I’ve applied for a Corporate Tax Trainee position awhile back and am going for an AC with them next wednesday! Anyone else?

I never had to go thru a telephone interview :confused:


Oh great … Good luck… Which office are you applying to ? I am assuming that you didn’t take the online tests as well. Is the AC the last round or are there further interviews ? Their website isn’t quite clear…


I’m still waiting to hear what the next stage is having passed the phone interview! Would be great if you could let us know anything you find out from the AC :slight_smile:


I have actually taken the online tests and didn’t at all go thru a telephone interview… How odd…

I’ll be back with news of what happens in the AC!
Until then good luck guys and email them if u have any queries cause the HR lady is really efficient at email replies!!


Hii guys,
I think the recent aquisition of RSM by Baker Tilly has caused some confusion, I had a telephone interview, but i’ve been told that numerical and verbal tests will be completed on the assessment day, DAUNTING! Anyway are you guys applying for the city or more regional offices? have you any assessment days coming up? if so where?


Hey, I have my telephone interview tomorrow, what kinda questions were you asked? also was it a long interview? (: thanks.


Tony1554, i agree! Maybe if you’re applying for a division which RSM used to operate you might get telephone interviews. mine isn’t in the city, it’s in Chelsmford :slight_smile: what about u guys? Why division and which office?


Hope I’m not too late responding… the telephone interview only lasted 15 minutes and it was mostly going over your CV, education history etc and a couple of competency questions. Nothing to worry about :slight_smile:


Ah that makes sense, I’ve applied for tax in Manchester, not sure if that used to be RSM or not though?


Ng_hul_ern I applied to audit, leeds. Has anyone been invited to a assessment day yet? If so how did it go?


just been thru one yesterday!
I wrote up my experience here :slight_smile:

Hope this helps guys!


Hi guys

“Baker Tilly spends over £100,000 on each student’s training. If you had £100,000 to spend, in what way would you maximise the return on your investment?”

Can anyone help me with this question? The rest of the application form is straightforward, I don’t want to fail at the first hurdle for misinterpreting this question!

Thanks in advance for any help.