Baker Tilly Audit 2011 Experiences?

Baker Tilly

Hi! I have just passed the application stage and have been invited to sit for the verbal Test. Unfortunately, there isn’t much current information about people’s experiences for 2011 and hence this new topic. Everyone who has gone through the application process at Baker Tilly in 2011 is kindly requested to share their experiences.



Hi Guys!

I am going to sit for their Verbal test day after tomorrow. Any idea on whether it is SHL, PSL or someone else?

Any other suggestions?

Many thanks


I don’t know which it is but it isn’t too hard. Just the normal practice beforehand should be fine.


Hey guys!
I think the tests are PSL, I managed to pass both tests and get invited to the assessment centre but received a call yesterday saying that they have no spaces in the London office.
Anyone else get the same problem?


I passed the verbal and numerical tests as well (they are PSL) and have received an email saying I’ll be contacted in “due course” about the next stage. Does anyone know how long this will take? I’ve applied for Audit, Midlands & North West.

TerryJay - did they offer you an assessment day/interview in another region? How long after the tests did they take to call you?


I remembered they called me within a few days of me passing the tests.
She did offer me other places around London but since I wanted to stay primarily in the City, I had to say no.
But they said they will keep my app in case spaces do open up in london


I have to take my verbal test this week. Though I did apply to the London office so hearing that they are full means I’ll probably end up in Basingstoke or elsewhere. I don’t mind this though.


I am in the same boat, I applied to London and today I received an invitation to take online tests. How long do they give you for the verbal and how many questions?


I done the online application about 2 & 1/2 weeks ago and still haven’t heard back. Does anybody know roughly how long it takes for them to get back to about the outcome of the application?


Hello, does anyone know if Baker Tilly have separate competencies they look for in applicants? I can only see their core values on their website.


Can anyone expand on the group exercise for the assessment centre. Also are the numerical and verbal reasoning a repeat of the previous tests?


Hi all,

I have posted my experiences about the Baker Tilly assessment centre in the thread named “Baker Tilly Assessment Centre - Audit 2011.” The process leading up to this is all very similar to other jobs I have applied for, online applications form with a few essay questions, and then online tests.

Good luck!