Baker Tilly Assessment Centre - Audit 2015

Baker Tilly


Hi everyone, I’ve been invited to an assessment centre with Baker Tilly on Wednesday and only found out today. I have applied to their Audit Assistant graduate position for 2015. Hoping someone could enlighten me as to what actually goes on during the day, and if they have any tips that I could use as to give me the best chance. Would be greatly appreciated!!


Hi Mark

Did you check out this page? Hopefully it will help a bit:


Hi Mark, assuming you have been through the assessment centre, would you please enlighten me with me any information. i would appreciate it greatly. thanks :slight_smile:


Has anyone else had their final assessment centre with Baker Tilly? I’ve got mine coming up in a couple of weeks and would appreciate any tips/advice :slight_smile:


Hi, i know no one replied to your comment to help you but I would greatly appreciate any help regarding how your assessment centre went and what tasks you undertook. Could you reply to my comment or message me?

Thank you