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I have recently been told I have passed the psychometric tests and that I will be going to the Baker Tilly assessment centre. Has anyone been to a Baker Tilly assessment centre yet who is willing to share their experience/advice. What does the case study involve?



I’ve just been thru an AC with Baker Tilly for Corporate Tax :slight_smile:

There are 5 sections to the day:

  • Verbal and Numerical Reasoning Tests
  • Group exercise
  • Lunch with selected Baker Tilly employees
  • Feedback session
  • Interview with HR/Partner

shall we begin?

  1. Verbal and Numerical Reasoning tests
    I liked the way they designed this test, we were given a booklet of information and then questions related to the information in separate other booklets. The HR guy said this reflected actual work in the office because you’re given loads of unorganised information beforehand and you have to filter out whats relevant instead of answering questions based on specific tables pointed out to you. They were easy, none too challenging. Verbal test was 40 questions over 20 mins; Numerical test was 30 questions over 35 mins. Bring a calculator

  2. Group Exercise
    I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise. You’re basically given a scenario: CEO has £500,000 extra allocation to the budget and different managers in the company propose projects to use this money. Tips on this would be to get to know the other candidates beforehand, address them by their first names. Be the one to suggest a structure for discussion eg: should we talk about which proposal we like best and go thru the pros and cons of all the rest first? Always keep your eye on the time. Try to include others “XXX you’re being really quiet would you like to add anything?” You’ll need to put up your findings on a clipboard so try to make sure u have 10 mins to get that done too. They assess you on your commercial awareness too so try to make the case study relevant to the actual world eg: in the sales proposal they mention expanding to Japan. talk about the challenges of doing that, competitors in Japan, the different culture in Japan etc.

  3. Lunch
    They say this part isn’t assessed but it definitely is. The guys who had a chat with our group went in to speak with the HR lot while they let us wait for next instructions so what you say, how you act will in some ways will be fed back to HR. Ask loads of questions about their experience. I found that I drew upon a lot of what was said during lunch in my later interview and I think this really showed my genuine interest in the firm and ability to ask relevant questions.

  4. Feedback session
    This is like playing the waiting game - because this session determines whether or not you’ll proceed to the HR/Partner interview. You’re all sat in a room and they call you in one by one to let you know their decision. Good news is short and sweet, the unsuccessful candidates were spoken to for a bit longer.

  5. HR/Partner Interview
    I was interviewed by the HR guy. He was definitely more formal than I expected, less chatty but he did throw in some very funny comments which made me relax a little. Here are some of the questions I got asked that I remember:

  • Why accounting
  • Why Baker Tilly
  • Why Corporate Tax
  • Why Chelmsford (where I was applying to)
  • Are you applying to anywhere else
  • Give an example of when you had to give training and what you learnt from it
  • Given an example of a work experience which you think taught you a type of transferable skill
  • Given an example of when you had to face a clash of 2 deadlines
  • Give an example of a team work situation
  • Tell me about a recent development in accounting (before the financial crisis) --> Sarbanes Oxley Act
  • What is the difference between working with SMEs and MNCs (ie diff between joining Big4 vs Baker Tilly)
  • Why your degree subject
  • Why your university
  • Give an example when you had to change the mind of a senior manager
  • Give an example of when you experienced a setback
  • Given an example of a disappointment in your life
  • Talk to me about a complex thing in a simple way as if I am a 15 year old (I studied Economics to I did a mini introduction on the Philip’s curve)

phew hope this helps guys!


Wow, that you so much for your detailed response taurusgirl91! It looks like the assessment centre will be intense! In your opinion were the psychometric tests harder than the online versions?


Hi taurusgirl91,
I have a Baker Tilly AC next week. Just wondering, is this the last stage of the process? And did you get a job offer?

Thanks for the information it’s very useful! Seems daunting though! Were the staff friendly?

Many thanks,



Hi Danielle,

I think it really depends on the department and the strength of the applicants. If they want you I’m sure they’ll give a job offer immediately. If they don’t they might reject you immediately. If they’re unsure, they might keep your application on hold. But you know, that’s just how I think it’s done, don’t take my word for it.

They called me in for a partner and associate director interview of the immediate team I was applying for after the AC. That was last week and im waiting to hear back since they told me that they are interviewing another applicant as well.

All the best! Which department and location? :slight_smile:


Hi taurusgirl91,

Thanks for the quick reply! Ahh okay thanks for the info, and good luck with your application hope goes well!
I’m going for audit in Manchester, where have you gone for?

Were the second interviews harder than the first one?


Hi Danielle,

Mines tax in Chelmsford :slight_smile:
The people r super nice which makes me really wanna join baker Tilly

I wouldn’t say it was hard. Just be yourself!


Hi, i have an assessment centre coming up next week, how difficult are the tests in relation to the usual SHL ones online? Any extra tips for the group exercise / partner interview? An information would be much appreciated!!


Hi, the tests are harder than the online ones unfortunately, as you are given a booklet with passages, and you have to sift through the relevant information.
The group activity was fine, just make sure that you say at least several relevant things, but also make sure you don’t dominate the conversation-let other people say things e.g. if they haven’t said anything for a while etc., also you could suggest being the timekeeper who notifies the group when e.g. time is about to run out. Hope that helps! Good luck!


How long did it take to be invited for a test after your application.


How long did it take to be invited for a test after your application.


I think it took about a week


I have my Assessment Centre tomorrow, and the recruiter said that there will be tests and group exercise for the first part of the day. If successful, then there will be TWO interviews on the same day. One with manager and one with partner. This is different to the example shown above.


sgg341 - hope the AC went well. I was told just under 3 weeks ago that I had been successful with the online testing - how long did you have to wait before you were given an AC date? Thanks


Well I didnt have to undertake online testing, my first stage was telephone interview and next assessment centre. After my telephone interview it was approximately one month before i found out i passed and was given a date.


I have just done my numerical reasoning test. I found out within a few mins that i passed the verbal and was given a link to the numerical. I havent heard anything back yet though its been just over an hour. @sgg341 how was your assessment centre any further details??

NTDL I havent had a telephone interview either they took over a week to review my app (asume they were reviewing in this time) and then i was invited to tests


I received an email at 9:34pm confirming that i have passed both the numerical and verbal and I am onto the next stage.


Hi! I am applying for Baker Tilly and stop up at the application question “how to maximum the return of £100,000.” Have you ever faced this question and would you mind giving me some suggestion answering it? Thank you sooooo much!


Hi, say something like you would split your money into short and long term investments-short e.g. gold/commodities and long term-e.g. property, to maximise likelihood of increasing return and to avoid the risk of losing all your money from a bad investment.


Yes as advised above, I spoke about splitting your investment between long term and short term investments. Really i don’t think there is a right or wrong answer; i have seen a lot of people on here talking about direct investments into things like property and shares. I said i would invest in investment portfolios rather than direct investments because i personally don’t think £100,000 is that much money in the world of investment and you would get more out of your money because of the diversification a portfolio would offer . So long as you justify your answer you would be all good. BTW i am through to the final stage so it worked for me!!