Baker Tilly Application

Baker Tilly

One of the question for the Baker Tilly application form is “Baker Tilly spends over £100,000 on each student’s training. If you had £100,000 to spend, in what way would you maximise the return on your investment?”

Do they want you to talk about actual investments or how you would spend the £100,000 on training?


No, they want to see how you would invest it, where and why.


ah ok, safe.
any ideas?


exs520 - having the same problem. What did you go for? how did it end up?


How did you answer this? Anybody put me on the right lines


Redsuperted has got the right idea. I don’t believe there is a right answer just try and justify it best you can. I went for energy because of the whole oil prices being really high when I applied, just tried to be a bit different because the whole market turmoil (with Lehman, Merril, AIG) meant most would invest in gold or that was the general idea when I asked about… I also linked it and said how it benefited an organistation by this investment.Hope that helps somewhat!!!


yes, I was wondering the same thing. Do they want you to tell them why they should invest 100k in you or are they testing your commercial awareness? I would probably invest it in property coz house prices are really low now and in the long term they will probably go up. The question is whether house prices could go any lower.



I believe it’s commercial awareness and justifying your answer, but feel free to correct me if anyone thinks otherwise, hence I went for energy. So I reckon house prices could be a worthwhile example, remember to say how this would maximize your investment, coz it’s easy to forget to mention it. So with investing in property how will it maximize your return? short, long-term gains, etc. ? hope that helps!!!


yeah that helps a lot. Its hard to know what baker tilly really look for, they dont seem to have a list of it, they seem to just want you to sell yourself. My mums brother in law is a chartered accountant but he used it to go into banking and apparently part of his job was recruiting people, but it wasnt HR, so he knows a lot about it. Im seeing him a christmas so Ill ask him too.
Something I also found out recently, my dads cousin is finance director of the FTSE 350 (I think) company Alexandra - makes the work uniforms for Shell and McDonalds! He’s only got a 2:2 in chemistry, trained with Touche Ross back in the 70s. Dont know when Fred Goodwin was there though.
Anyway, Alexandra arent doing too well coz the exchange rate has gone down.