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Baker Tilly


Hi guys

I’m in the process of making an application to Baker Tilly for their graduate scheme in audit. I would appreciate any advice or ideas on answering the following:

“Baker Tilly spends over £100,000 on each student’s training. If you had £100,000 to spend on anything, in what way would you maximise the return on your investment?”

I’m interested in this job and I don’t want to mess up. Any help would be really good.
Thanks in advance!


A lot of it depends on what kind of person you are. I think if you want to go into audit they’d want a fairly conservative answer though- nothing too risky. What ideas have you had so far?


Hey…im thinkn of talking about gold because supply is low and demand is very high, therefore prices are continually rising. Also invest in government bonds because they are safe. and finally in companies producing new technologies which are saving energy and also protecting the environment. In todays age with companies paying more and more attention to the anergy consmption, these technologies will b more in demand…are they good ideas?..would greatly appreciate any feedback.



I think you make a fair judgement - these are pretty sound.

Buying gold is not an investment really- it’s commodity speculation but that’s OK.

Investing in government bonds is indeed safe- although no doubt they will ask you if you are risk averse.

The last one is good but you must be careful- for an investment in a new technology to succeed the technology itself must succeed and be adopted- and of course the majority fail. This is a very high risk/reward ratio compared with your government bonds (which is fine!) but you should be aware of it.

Often when markets turn bearish, investments are transferred into utilities and energy companies. In the current climate, an investment in something like [[Shell]] or [[BP]] would actually be a very sound choice. A quote from [[BBC]] Radio 4 yesterday, “The days of cheap energy are well and truly over.”

Also make sure you look at the [[Baker Tilly]] profile.