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Hi Everyone

I’ve answered all the Baker Tilly application form questions except this one -“At Baker Tilly, we have a passion to excel. What do you feel passionate about and why?”

I’m not really sure what would be ok to talk about? What things did anyone else talk about?



Cheese, trains, S Club 7, music, the selected works of William Burroughs, badgers…

Try and think of something that you do outside of work/uni that you have a real interest in that you could talk at length about.


I initially started to write about football. But then I changed it to self improvement and challenging myself. Can’t remember exactly what I wrote, but it was along the lines of that, and aiming at bettering myself by taking on the professional qualifications to improve my knowledge and skills. That kinda thing.

Got me through to an AC at the end of the month so I reckon it must be ok.

Good luck with your application.


Thanks for the responses. I was wanting to do the same thing as you Jai but wasn’t sure if that was OK. Thanks for the reassurance!!