Baker Tilly 2010 Audit Graduate Assessment Centre

Baker Tilly

I have an assessment centre with Baker Tilly for the 2010 Audit and Business Services Graduate intake on Thursday (8th July). I was wondering if anybody who has attended an Assessment Centre with Baker Tilly recently could give me an insight into what to expect based on their experiences.

Any information would be much appreciated.


I have one on the 6th, will probably write my experiences here if i can remember them.


Numerical Test, Verbal Test, HR Interview(depending on location), Group Case study… then if successful, Final Round Case study interview with Partner on the SAME day… The final round case study will be a continuation of the Group Case study.

The case study is based on advising a electronic retail company who is looking to expand. You will be given five different options and then you have to decide as a group which on to choose…

The numerical & verbal tests are not SHL or PSL. They are very different, but not too tough…


Thank you so much for that information IBD_Haunter, that’s really helpful. I’ve been to a few assessment centres now and have been unsuccessful in getting the job at the end of it, fingers crossed for this one! Did you get an offer from Baker Tilly?


How did your assessment centre go moofroots?


Not too well! I messed up the verbal test :frowning: … (in my defense the travel lodge I stayed in was horrible and I got little to no sleep prior to the day), basically as ibd_haunter said its not shl or psl and has quite a different format. You have a reference booklet which is about 5-6 pages of info which is what you need to refer to in order to answer the verbal/numerical questions. You get about 10 minutes reading time before hand for that… dont worry too much about it - just practise some of the online ones and you should be ok.

The group case study is about an electronic retail company which is seeking to expand and there are 5 options - extend the supply chain in another country, outsource to save costs on oil (deliveries or something), marketing/developing the brand itself, training staff and a merger/acquisition of another company. You just need to take a balanced approach to this exercise - don’t be too dominant or reserved and contribute to the discussion and you should be fine. Be aware of the costs/risks of each option and note them down in your 20 mins prep time. Sorry i couldnt say anything about the case study/interview, was hoping to get there at least - good luck!


I’m sorry to hear that moofroots. Thank you for the information. Good luck with the job hunting.


Hi. I have just applied for audit and business services position at Baker Tilly and wonder what the process is now. On the website it says that the vacancy stays open until there are enough people for an assessment centre. It also says that the vacancy is for September 2010 intake, so I was wondering if they have a cut off point for people applying and continue with the relevant procedures with less people. Any information would help. Thanks


Your application will be reviewed and if successful you will be invited to complete the online numerical and verbal reasoning tests. Once you pass the tests you will be invited to attend an assessment centre. I had to wait a while between passing the tests and attending the assessment centre because they were waiting to get enough suitable candidates together. Hope that helps. Good luck with your application!


Anyone know the current application process for Baker Tilly?
I have applied and passed the online tests, and am now waiting for a date for the ‘next stage’ but thats all the email says. Is it just an assessment centre and thats it?


I just gave the online verbal reasoning test. How do I know if I’ve passed it? Do they email you right away or do they take time?


Hey ultrono, sorry for slowness in a reply. I received an email within an hour of verbal tests confirming I had passed and asking me to take the numerical, then received an email within an hour of that test confirming I had passed both sets of tests and they would be in touch concerning the next stage of the process.

Has anyone been to an assessment day recently and got any advice?


What are the online tests like?


would you say they are hard or easy compared to the top 4 accountancy firms?


I have done the tests and I would say easier than the Big4.


Has anyone got to the assessment centre for the London office?
I applied to the London office and passed the tests only to be called telling me they have no spaces in the London office…


Hi TerryJay,
I’ve had the same experience. Have now changed my first and second choices and been invited to an AC at 1st choice.



does anyone have experience of the partner interview that they could share?




does anyone have experience of the partner or HR interview that they could share?



Hello, does anyone know if Baker Tilly has separate competencies they look for in applicants. I can only see their core values on their website. Thanks.