Bain Interview


I was wondering if anyone had done the first interview with Bain in Oxford yesterday. If so could you shed light on how it went. how tough were the estimation questions in particular and how maths focused were they?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Estimate the annual revenue of the London eye; estimate the weekly revenue of a cinema; estimate the amount of CD players in the UK; estimate the revenue of a music festival.


apok77 - did you hv the interview with Bain then or were you just offering up examples of estimation questions?


Thanks apok,

Interesting…these sound pretty standard. I was told the big 4, from time to time ask for cases that sound like strategy but are estimation? Like our client is a premium suit seller, whether or not our client should start selling suits targeting mid-market (medium priced ones)… This to me is a new product/market entry, where you look at the demographics of the customer / competitive landscape / the kind of suits and profitability. But apparently all that was required was to estimate market and see if it makes sense in terms of profit. Do any of you have any particular experience with this?

I do agree that when estimating the market youd assume the % customer youd get based on competition, the % customer based on demographics but these are two very different approaches; the 1st being long winded… Im wondering in a case like this would the interviewer be kind enough to offer direction?


Hello Everyone,

Did anyone take the first round Bain interviews for 2009 in Oxford / Cambridge ? If you did, can you please post what were the interviews like…

I have an interview coming up in London this week for the first round !

Thanks a lot



Has anyone on here had an interview yet? How did it go? What were the questions like?



hey i’m having interviews with Bain soon and I don’t know how to prepare. Strangely they invited me for 1st round, 2nd round (assuming I pass the 1st) and 3rd round (assuming I pass the 2nd) all in one day! Is that normal?

The HR said that it’s all gonna be case interviews but does that mean there will be no fit questions or stuff on my resume? sounds sad and strange, considering i think i do have relevant experience (3 yrs++ advisory dept in big 4 audit firm)

i’ve never done case interviews before. how do i prepare for one?