Baillie Gifford 1st Round

Baillie Gifford

Has anybody had an interview? I’ve got my first round next week, I’m unsure whether to expect technical questions or not.
Input appreciated :slight_smile:


All the best with your interview, I am about to apply so would not know about what to expect, but did you submit a one page or a two page cv with your application?



I sent a one page, that’s what I send everywhere.


You only applied three weeks ago, that’s not long at all(by any standards). I applied in September and only heard back in late october.


Hi guys,

I’m also very interested in finding out if anyone who’s applied for a graduate position has heard back at all? If you have, how long was the response time? Thanks!


I heard they were only offering three positions - so assume unlikely hear on here anyone who got one. They will likely not inform failures until they have three confirmed offers accepted.



Do you mind telling us how you this? And do you mean three positions across all 3 grad schemes, or just for the investment management scheme?


Ha it sounds like you are assuming everyone who is on wikijob is an automatic no


Hey everyone,

Got a first round interview for the Investment Operations Grad Scheme at the start of Febuary. Has anyone had their interviews yet? I’ve been told to prepare a presentation, and expect psycometric testing plus an interview!

Could anyone offer any advice?


Yup edinburgh IM was apparently only going to take 3


Just received a rejection today for IM after being on hold for a very long time!!! They are very retro as well; sent me a letter all the way from Edinburgh.


Good luck buddy.


Nice one blondeamon; we figured out you are blonde; you don’t have to prove it.


Did anyone apply to BG this year round? Has anyone heard back yet?


Yeah, have 1st round next week, after it was postponed due to the weather. Apparently the interview is based on your CV and financial news…


I had applied in the middle of October, but still haven’t heard back. I believe they responded by Post?


yeh I had an interview a few weeks back. Think it went ok, but still waiting to hear back. The interview was actually quite good. just talked through cv and a general ideas about things going on in the world.


They phoned with regards to getting the interview. We find out on Christmas eve apparently, I had my interview yesterday. Fingers crossed!



I had my 1st interview with Baillie Gifford in late November, but have not heard from them yet. Has anyone else been contacted for 2nd interviews? Appreciate any input.


My interview was last week and for IT Training Programm. still waiting. have u heard anything yet…