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Was wondering if anybody applied to this before? Anybody applied to this this year? Are there any feedback from this course? They also said I will be paid during training, but would I have to pay for the training also?
BAE seems to be quite respected but I am worried it’ll be a similar situation to the people who applied to FDM.


Hi. Firstly, good luck with your application!
Though I have not applied for this program, Im 100% sure that you dont have to pay for anything. Usually big companies like BAE Systems, when they hire graduates, initially they provide training or opportunities to get necessary degrees or certificates and pay on your behalf (for ex., if you apply for Big4 for audit job, they will pay around £120000 for ACA exams) at the same time you get your salary. So, dont worry they are not going to charge you anything for training.
I was wondering what you meant by saying “a similar situation to the people who applied to FDM”? I have applied for Finance Leader Development Program


Thanks! a lot of people were complaining that there were complications from FDM such as their training fee not being waived, and they had trouble getting work. There was a forum post here that goes into more detail. however accurate, i dont know. But there were similar feelings on the student forum

Also, I assume that if the assessment centre goes well, they would contact me at a later date and present me with a contract?

They also offer a lower salary during training, i assume thats their form of payment for training right?


Well, to be honest I did not know all these. Probably I will need to make a comprehensive research about it and in case I am invited for the interview, I’ll address them. Hope everything will go well.


That is my plan also. There is no point rejecting them straight away. But it’s the fact that the first 2 years are unpaid (after your training) is what is getting to me. Good luck to you, hope things will go well for you too.


Sounds good! In case you are invited for interview early, could you plz take note of questions and share it? Even if I am invited for interview, probably I will postpone it for mid February because of examination period (so good chances that you will be interviewed earlier than me). Hope things go well for you too fingers crossed!


for sure man :slight_smile: good luck with your exams!


Thanks buddy! :slight_smile: