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Hey everybody, I’ve noticed there isn’t a thread for the BAE Systems summer internship and graduate programmes. Let’s try to help each other through the process. I have applied for both summer internship (finance) in December and FLDP (Finance Leadership Development Programme) early November. I have not heard back from them yet. Even though I have called them a couple of times, they told me that your applications are under consideration. No more updates yet.

Has anyone got any offer? How was the process? And it would be really helpful to share phone interview questions if you have had one.

Many thanks and good luck!


I applied to their summer internship-operations/manufacturing and production in mid-October and got invited to their online tests within a week. After the online test, I heard back from them at the beginning of January where they invited me for a telephone interview. After the interview, I got an email from them the following day informing me that I cleared that stage and my application is with the hiring line manager for review and I will hear back from them soon. I am still waiting for them to contact me now.


I received an offer recently for the Finance summer internship based in Guildford. On this occasion, I declined, but should be able to give some tips!


Hey, best of luck. Hope you will make it through! Can you share with me what questions did they ask in the phone interview?


Hey. Thanks for writing. I am still waiting for their response on my application. Can you share how long did it take them to respond you on your application? I applied a month ago and still not heard back. Did you have any online tests and how was the interview? Thanks in advance!


I applied late October, did online tests a week or so after (situational, numerical and verbal). Application was then kept on hold for about a month. Phone interview mid December. Afterwards, my application was reviewed by line managers. However, because it was the Christmas period, I had to wait about a month for an invite to face-to-face interview, which I did late January. The interview was relaxed and interviewers were really nice. I was just asked a couple of strength-based questions (think it was about 8 questions) and I finished and left within 45 minutes! Overall, the application process in my case, from start to finish, was about 3 months - so yep, patience is key!


I see. Sounds interesting. Would you mind to share what questions they asked during the interview. Just the ones you remember. Thanks in advance!


The interview was around 20 minutes. The interviewer was super nice and friendly and she made sure I was calm before the interview. The questions wete very simpe and strengths based mainly. A couple of questions that I remember:

  • What motivates you?
  • Do you work well under pressure?
  • Do your friends describe you as someone who manages time well?
  • Why BAE systems?
  • Are you someone who gives up easily?
  • Are you a good leader?
  • Do you work well in teams?
    She informed me that she can repeat the questions but she won’t explain what the questions ask for. Also, the questions didn’t start with ‘give an example of a time…’ as she wanted me to give examples whenever I could. Hope this helps and all the best.


Definitely it will help. thanks a lot. I appreciate!


Hey I just had my interview yesterday and was wondering how long would it take to get back to me? And also was there any stage after this interview? Like Assessment centre? Thank you!


Hey guys, has anyone heard from BAE about telephone interviews or assessment centres? I applied to the finance leaders program before christmas bus haven’t heard anything about the next step since and on my application page says I’m still being considered


I have done the aptitude test a couple of days ago, then I immediately received an email saying they are ‘unable to progress my application at this time’, which means I am failed!? Did you all do the CAPP test? I find it quite difficult​ :frowning:


Hello!!! I know this was almost a year ago, but I applied for the same programme and I got invited to the interview and now I am waiting…it has been 2 weeks!
I wanted to know if you got to the next stage and if you could share your experience.


Can anyone speak more on the interview on telephone part? like what kind of questions they ask and stuffs?


Heyyy, would u minding sharing your experience on the AC? I got the email saying its a two day event. How is it conducted? What exercises will u go through in these two days? Thanks!


Sisheng, I also received this email too and am worrying because I have no idea what to expect!


Hey, which programme u applied to? When and where r u going to have ur AC?


Hey, you alright? Have you had you AC yet? if so I hope it went well. I just started my application and wanted to know the recruitment procedure?


Hey, you alright? Have you had you AC yet? if so I hope it went well. I just started my application and wanted to know the recruitment procedure please? Thank you