BAE Graduate Scheme 2016

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I thought I’d set up a forum thread for people applying for graduate roles at BAE Systems, to ask questions about the company, job applications and the interview and assessment process. Any contributions appreciated!


Hello! I also applied for a graduate position yesterday just before the deadline closed. How did you find your application? A friend of mine applied for an undergraduate apprenticeship role and has just completed the assessment day sounded fairly intense! What role have you applied for?


I submitted my application a few days ago, they told me I’m more suited to other roles in their firm, so awaiting for further response…


HI! I applied for the Graduate Framework role and just did the online tests. I assume I passed as they’re now considering the application for further review (a friend did a test and was notified of the failure immediately after the test).


Hi Miraj. I applied for FLDP in 1st November. Did a bunch of online tests 3rd of November and still under consideration :confused: I have called them and written them a couple of times and just was told that still under consideration. Almost 3 months.


I’m pretty sure it’s just all red tape. A lot of people I’ve been speaking to have been getting interviews recently, so it’s likely you’ll hear a response by February… I think. Salford student here! Although I’ve just finished. Good luck :slight_smile:


Well, I hope so :slight_smile: Haha, at the same time I have applied for finance internship position and got email that in case you are successful have to make a choice. but hope at least I can get one. Good luck to you too!. P.S if you have got them, can you provide some info like what kind of questions they ask? Thanks in advance!


Hi! I applied back towards the end of October for the Chemistry grad role. Had a phone interview in November and got an email inviting me to an assessment centre in Feb. Really struggling to find any help on what to expect on the day though.


Hey guys, has anyone heard back about BAE finance leader development programme?


Exactly the same situation as you. Have you heard anything since?


can anyone please enlighten me on their graduate recruitment process. I applied for their summer got an offer but rejected due to some reasons. im considering applying for the finance programme later in the year.


Hey has anyone been offered and telephone interview or assessment centre yet? I applied before Christmas and its says I’m still being considered


Hi, I’ve been called for a telephone interview which is tomorrow. When I enquired what it entailed, she said you can’t prepare for it pretty much. And that it’s a ‘strength based’ thing.

What can I expect?

Thank you in advance!


I actually just read this, sorry! Did it for any further then?


A strength based interview is one where they ask you what you’re good at like what do you enjoy doing, what is your biggest strength/ weakness, tell me something you’re proud off. Hope that helps and good luck

BTW which programme did you apply to?


Thank you! I initially applied for a mechanical noise/vibration engineer role but they called me and said they’d filled that position up. So they offered me a telephone interview for a systems engineer.

Thanks again for the info! I’ll definitely have some points on hand then.


Just to let everyone know, I passed the telephone interview and am willing to help anyone prepare for their’s.


Hi Miraj,

Just wondering what the next stage after passing the telephone interview is?



You’ll get an email if you passed or not - if you passed your application will be put under review by a hiring manager. If that passes, you get invited to an assessment centre. Hope that helps!


Do you know how long the review roughly takes? Thanks.