BAE Graduate Program 2017

BAE Systems



I applied for the BAE systems sigma leadership program and I passed the online assessment. I’ve been asked to do a video interview. I haven’t seen anywhere where anyone has had to do one. I’m not a fan of them having been unsuccessful after doing one with no feedback as to why. What happened to normal phone interviews. I wouldn’t have a problem but I tend to look lopsided on them and it puts me off!



Don’t we all!

They’re not interested in how you look but rather how you behave. Take a deep breath and put on your most natural smiley look, be polite and show you’re interested. Have good questions ready to ask at the appropriate time. Think of it simply as an interview through a screen.


David is right, treat it as a normal interview, relax as much as possible and if it helps you turn off the view of yourself so you are not so self aware throughout. Concentrate on the interviewer. As with all interviews, sometimes we are not successful and never know why. We must endeavour in order to be successful - all the best!



How was your video interview? Please what questions where you asked if you can remember? Thank you