BAE FLDP Assessment Centre - 1st Ever AC


Hi all,

I have just been told I have reached the AC of the BAE Finance Leaders Development Programme. I was wondering if anyone knew what this consisted of, either in previous years or even better this year? And how best to prepare for it?




Hi, I have applied for the fldp program also…are you able to tell me what the stages are for the application? How did your AC go?


I’m still waiting to hear back about the a/c- whether or not they are inviting me to it…when was yours scheduled?


I’ve been told that my application has been sent to management for sifting but that was almost two weeks ago so im hoping to hear back soon. Where is ur assessment day?


Well I had a phone call this morning but I had an exam shortly after so I asked if they could ring me back. The guy said he would at 430pm but he hasn’t. I tried ringing their number from the website but to no avail…I’ll try again tomorrow…

I live down in Newbury but I have family up in Manchester.


DONT WASTE TIME WITH BAE! I am so disappointed in their recruitment process. The whole process is outsourced. My experiences was this:

I cleared all the levels required to push my application only to later hear after a month of waiting that I am not invited to the assessment centre cause BAE HQ after clearing my online testes, UCAS points, interviews, etc rejected cause the finance team thinks other wise. I am an MBA with a focus on finance, I am studying towards CFA what more can one require!

This is not just with the Graduate Development Programme but also the Sigma Leadership Programme who later after clearing everything told me that they cannot sponsor foreign students and simple wasted my time! BAE claims to have operations is Saudi Arabia and clearly states they support foreign talent is welcome but the truth is far from the claim.