BAE Assessment Day

BAE Systems

I’ve recently passed my online tests for a graduate job at BAE Systems. The role is for Signatures and Dynamics engineer in the Submarine Solutions sector.

I was unoficially told that I will be invited to an assessment day in Bolton in about a months time. I just want to ask if anyone’s ever been to a BAE assesment before? I am not from an engineering background, and so don’t know what to expect as far as the presentation and group exercise is concerned.

Any information on how best to prepare would be much appreciated : )


OK, so I’ve been given confirmation that I will have a 2 day BAE Systems Assessment Centre on the 30th November 2010 in Cumbria.

Anyone else been invited to the same thing?


I have been invited to the same thing… should be “fun”…

Any idea what we are doing ? (in detail)


Hi wrighty,

What role have you applied for?

Basically, I’ve gone for an engineering role in Submarine Solutions. I think there’ll be a group exercise, role playing exercise, technical interview and presentation.

Also a self-assessment…whatever that means.

I’m bricking it!


Hi Guys,

Ive got an assessment centre next week in Preston.

It would be great if you could share any information on how best to prepare!



Just be yourself I think is the best prep!


Hey Kalulu17,

How did you assessment center go? could you pls share you experience



Hey Guys, I applied for the following role “Graduate Development Framework - Civil Engineering - Surface Ships - Portsmouth UK - 2012” and have been invited to an assessment day on the 13th of June in Lancaster. Can anyone tell me what I should expect in a bit of detail if possible? Like how technical is the interview, will I have to re-read a lot of stuff I did through my degree that I don’t remember anymore?!


Hi have you got any tips or any feedback on the assessment centre, which can help me on Monday? Really nervous and only ever had one interview and never attended or heard of attending assessment centres

Please help!