BAE Assessment day

BAE Systems

Have been invited to a BAE Systems Assessment Centre on the 24th of March, anyone else?


I went, was good. Took a job with another company though.

I went to the engineering graduate day. Were 24 people.

Day consisted of:

Group task, (four per group)
Interview, (one on one)
presentation (30 minutes to read and write, then present)
test (not too harsh)

Any more questions will do my best to answer.


my one to one interview was quite light. the few questions I was asked were the “give one situation where you were in a project that…” did well, failed, had to meet customer requirements.

All the different sections last an hour.

The whole day runs on the same theme. the group section is on gathering requirements for starting a project. the test is on analysing project reports and their options and deciding what is best. the presentation is on showing what you think the best investment options for funds relating to the project are.

So not really like the SHL test at all. Nothing in the day was that stressful.


I was not offered the job. I did however pass all the sections and tests but the job I went for was decided I was not ideal for the role in “logistics and information services” and I agreed with their reasoning. I will work at a large computing company, which is way more my area.

About half of the people were going for Electronics, 2-3 were for logistics, 2-3 for platform solutions and 2-3 for business.

Most important during the day? If there was one ‘trick’ over all the normal assessment day things. I would say it is with the presentation part. You have to decide what money to invest in three different appealing options. What they want is for you to justify your decisions and STICK WITH IT to the end. The project manager I had watching mine would not stop arguing with my decisions until I said I couldn’t be swayed with my choices.



i’ve got a Online assessment coming up soon so please can you share your experiences (how you revised for it etc)?


Hey Guys, I applied for the following role “Graduate Development Framework - Civil Engineering - Surface Ships - Portsmouth UK - 2012” and have been invited to an assessment day on the 13th of June in Lancaster. Can anyone tell me what I should expect in a bit of detail if possible? Like how technical is the interview, will I have to re-read a lot of stuff I did through my degree that I don’t remember anymore?!


Hi I have an interview with BAE detica for a graduate consulting engineer position, does anyone have any helpful hints and tips they could share? In particular similar queries as gulasht86 with regards to how technical the interview is.