Backing out of training contracts?


Just got a training contract offer from one of the big four, It isn’t a job that I’m wild about but its preferable to being unemployed. I plan on accepting the offer but deferring my start for a year whilst I travel and look at what my options are. If in this period something changes and I can no longer commit to my contract is there any likelihood that I will have to pay the employer anything? I understand that if you leave the training contract before x time you are liable to pay some of your study costs, but do they pay your training fees as soon as you accept the offer, or as long as you back out before you have actually started the job is it all cool. Will be contacting the employer to check this out but it looks a bit bad so if anyone knows the answer to this one for sure I would really appreciate it.


Hi garethcarrots,

I don’t know for sure but I can’t imagine that you’d be liable for anything provided you haven’t actually received any training. I know that you have to register with your regulatory body before you start working but until that point they won’t have any record of you so your firm would be unable to pay your training fees. Relax and enjoy your travels!



In the current economic climate I would strongly advise you not to back out of the contract. Consider yourself lucky that you’ve been given this amazing opportunity. I’ve not been able to secure a job since 2007 and companies like the big four won’t even consider me for any of their roles. At the end of the day it’s about what YOU want as an individual, if the job doesn’t interest you then don’t force yourself to do it. I’m not sure whether you would have to pay the employer anything though, best advice would be to ask them directly.


sorry i just read that you will actually be contacting the employer! if i find out anything i will let you know.