Background checks


What happens if I have two undergraduate degrees, but on the application form I declare only one of them? Is it a “lie” or not?
What happens if background checks reveal that?


If the degrees are from different institutions, which i presume they are, then basically your fine, there is no standardized awarding body for undergraduate degrees. So even if we go really long with weighing up the potential scope of any background check unearthing unwanted variables then your ok.

Only problems are the following…

If you have one of those detailed US transcripts, check wheather they show your ‘previous instiution’ or anything along those lines.

The Major Issue: That you need to account for what you did on your CV during those years. Now when you say ‘two undergraduate degrees’ do you mean that you completed one degree at institution x and then did another at institution B. In this scenario by not declaring it, it looks arguably bad.

The bottom line: Its not a lie, just potentially bad for the old CV. If you have other competing strengths and you’d like to take this dent on your CV then by all means go for it. If your applying for something thats super competitive and there is a major 3/4 year gap of anything significant at the full time level I suppose you should ask yourself what is worse…the Grade or the gap. Think in terms of competing strengths, what the firm focuses on etc to weigh up the decision. But to answer your initial question no it is not a lie unless they say ALL educational history, i’ve heard of HR departments calling candidates up to check where the qualification and not the grade where listed, but i wouldnt get all paranoid about the anonymous, evil background checking firm. Think fresh and weigh up the pros and cons.