Background checks on the UK/US Banking Industry


Hi all,

I have been offered a position in an US Bank in London but is pending the background checks.
Could someone kindly let me know what kind of checks will they be doing, as I have never been involved with the Banking Industry before?
I realised after some research that the FBI does these kind of checks on US employees…still I’m not sure what will they check??
( but wondering

Any help will be great.



They will be checking criminal record history, employment history, education history, financial history (fraud, creit worthiness - defaults etc. suggest you are more likely to take risks/ bring the organisation into disrepute), basically they are checking that everything you have stated on your application form is correct, that you haven’t lied etc

Hope this helps


Thanks Rob. I did had some problems in the past, as I was made redundant with the credit crunch and paid late some of my debt (credit cards only). Everything is under control now but for sure that will show?