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I have been offered a job at a top 5 magic circle law firm based in London. I start on the 4th April 2011. A backgound check company is in the process of going through my work history, education, addresses I lived at etc.

Everything has panned out well except for one thing I lied on my CV and online background check appication that I was awarded a 2:1 for my degree.
Infact it was an unclassified.

The agency has confirmed that I was at the university on the dates stated but they need confirmation as to my degree. I have contacted my old university and they will be sending me a letter with confirmation of these details. I know what it’s going to say.

My question is how do i get myself out of this sticky situation? How do I explain this to the guy at the backgound agency? Yes I know it’s stupid for lying but I know I deserved that result but due to falling ill during the final year at university I didn’t get the full marks to get a degree.

Any advice will be appreciated.



time to come clean


Yep that’s true. I wouldn’t be goign throughthe process of getting confirmation from my university if I didn’t want to fess up. But how will this affect my position? They’ll terminate my contract/offer won’t they?


You lied, so you knew what you were trying to do from the start. Which was to gain employment through deception.

Only good option is to come clean and tell the agency.

I would bet my bottom dollar that your contract/offer will be terminated as a result.
Harsh I know, but you should not have lied on your CV. End of.

Learn from this, and don’t do it again.


If your results in your other years at uni, ie all but the final year (or the year which was affected by your falling ill), were all 2:1, which is the grade you say deserved to get, then at least you have some material with which to argue your case. You can tell them that you are a 2:1 student, as evidenced by the 2:1s that you received in certain modules/years, however you just missed getting a 2:1 overall due to illness. If I were you I’d probably try that one. If you never got any 2:1s at all during your time at uni, then it’ll be hard to argue…


Hey man. This is some years later. What happened? Email me please currently going through something similar (



I did not get the job due to the fact that what I had stated on my CV did not marry with the information the background check agency found. The same will apply in your situation, there’s not much you can do and your University will not lie for you so you can get a job.

My advice is to have the correct information on your CV especially when it comes to qualifications. At the end of the day the role I applied for they would not have cared what grade I go seeing as what I studied was a creative degree. Since I made sure I had the correct degree result on my CV I have not had any issues applying and getting other jobs within professional services. I am now working for one of the Big Four :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.