Background check?


I got an offer from a tier1-investment bank, I accepted the offer and we move to background check process. Since I have not been in financial sector yet, I have no idea how strict the backgound check could be. I searched on the Internet about the checks and realise they’re quite tricky and sacry.

Please help me with these questions:

  1. I had list some working experience in the CV that I had by working with my friends. Basically, we are a group of 3 best friends. One of us had a client, he communicate with the client to get the job. Then we worked together to complete the task, lump sum money was share equally between three of us. So, all the contact with the client was handled by one guy (not me) and the client just knew only him, but the actual work was shared equally between 3 of us. My questions are:
  • should i write these experience down on the employment application form in order to make sure the application and my CV are matched up? If I write is down, should I put my friend as a referee?
  • If I do not mention it in the application form, will they find out inconsistency between the application and my CV? If so, is there any harm to my offer?
  1. I gained my undergraduate cert in an Asia developing country for many years ago. My university and highschool are just small, so they might not keep records about me, since it was more than 15 years ago. I came back to the UK with my family, so I have not had any contact with the university and highschool since then. All information I can provide is dated back to 15 years ago. What happen if the background check team contacts my university and hight school but receives no response.

Thank you very much for your help to answer my questions, I am really worry.