Background check


I got called from a PwC rep this morning asking if I am interested in an interview. I am in America, by the way.
I got arrested two weeks ago for shoplifting (a very sad mistake that is now ruining my life) and I am yet to go to court. My lawyer anticipates the charges will be dismissed based on the situation.

Should I go ahead with the process, seeing it is so lengthy? Do they do background checks? Will I be rejected just because of this arrest record (I have not, and pretty certain that I will not be convicted)?

Please help me, this was my dream job and I need some advice.
Thank you!


well does it legally count as a criminal conviction and do they ask about this on the form? As u seem certain u wont get convicted as of this moment u dont have a criiminal record so i certainly wudnt mention it and when ur applying for a job which is abt assuring ppl fraud isnt going on and things are accurate, stealing isnt gona look good!


I have not seen the application form yet, but I wanted some advice on whether or not I should continue the process or wait till everything is cleared up.

Will they make a decision based on just the arrest record though?


I can’t remember if you have to declare current legal actions on the application form, but you will have to declare them after all the interviews and AC if you are successful for the pre-employment vetting checks. It’s very important they think you will be respected and trusted by clients, but even so this doesn’t mean they will reject you, especially if you are not convicted. If you want the job then why not apply and see how it goes? :slight_smile:


NURecruit, thank you so much for the advice. It seems like everybody suddenly thinks people who mess up ONCE are doomed and worthless. So thank you for the encouragement! I will see how it goes when they get back to me. :wink: