Background check for Big 4



I have managed to get a job with one of the big4. My A-levels grades did not meet the minimum criteria that big4 have of BBB but i entered an extenuating circumstance in the application stage and somehow managed to get through to the next round.

however having got the job, will they ask me to confirm my extenuating circumstances? as i do not have any proof for it. no doctor or staff in my school can verify my exxtenuating circumstances.

will i be required to prove evidence of my extenuating circumstance noww?


Don’t worry I lied about the degree I got so I doubt a few fibs about GCSE will matter.


which big4? which year did u start and who was ur background checker (verifile or experian)?
u seem to have got lucky! hahahaa


Did you not have to check a box stating you didnt receive min. 2.1?


will i be required to prove evidence of my extenuating circumstance noww?


I doubt the background checks are very in depth. I hope they will never notice. And no I am not about to broadcast the name of an employer I lied to.


what was your lie about? i am in a difficult position now, i should either lie to get a job or do not apply at all. :frowning:



Why do you need to lie?

I would say that I was extremely stupid to do so and when caught it will be an instant dismissal.


you can read more about it here



I am an overseas student, while on student visa i worked full time. and there is a gap in my education. i do not know how to cover that gap. i can eventually get some sort of lawyer advice but will have to lie somehow.:frowning: my results are fine, expecting distinction in MSc. however, there is that problem