Background Check and A Level Qualifications


Basically got a 4th A level I’d rather not disclose and have not for applications ive already submitted. Im at the summer analyst level in

Investment banking.

When an offer is made has anyone had to sign those disclosure forms from AQA, OCR etc for 3rd party verification

of results. If yes, im presuming that this is not a major issue but if anyone can shed any light on the implications as they say 'all


Feel kinda silly as i just answered a thread on this issue as it relates to University Degrees, but I think It would be great if anyone could

shed a genuine insight in the process for summer analysts. Specifically for A level verification, also I have lost my certificates can they just

confirm them with the exam boards or do i have to fit the bill for a new statement of results. Im pretty sure other people were/are in

this boat.



Hmm…a bit tricky but I wouldn’t worry too much. Frankly, most of the time HR never even get as far as checking A Level grades. Persoanlly, I’ve never had to sign disclosure forms for A Levels, or even show my A Level certificates.

However, your HR could be better and may want to see these things. If you have lost your qualifications you may need to get replicas… or I think it may be possible for your employer to contact your school or the exam board direct to get confimation of yoru grades.

Regarding your 4th A Level… I’d just keep quiet about it. I imagine your other three A Level grades were pretty good, but your 4th was a bit slack? I don’t htink you have anything to worry about. If your employer found out you left a poor grade off your CV they wouldn’t be very worried. After all, you do have three good grades and they’ve made you an offer because they like you. Personally, I’d just keep quiet about it though. I’m pretty sure you don’t have to disclose the grade, as long as you disclose the other three.