Back out from an accepted TC offer


I was notified yesterday that I got a job offer at a firm I really dream of working, but the thing is I have already accepted a job offer givent by another firm earlier ( but I didn’t sign any contract with the firm yet, cos they just sent me a written informal offer letter by email and asked me to accept it).

I feel bad for attempting to back out from the first offer, but I think I am determined to work for the second firm, so the issue for me is how to renege the first job offer properly. My biggest concern is that being in such a small and well-connected professional sector, I have fear that my reputation will be hurt if the second firm finds out I renege for another firm.

THerefore, my question is how I should renege my job acceptance for the first firm properly. Should I be honest or should I just vaguely say I renege due to sudden change of my personal circumstances, or even lie (I personally resist this option)?

THanks sooo much!!!


Although it’s going to be tough for the firm in question, you should go ill with the firm you really want to work for. People do back out of offers, and firms understand this, and they will certainly have a reserve pool of candidates ready for this exact situation.

Be honest and explain your situation. The original firm may try to persuade you to work for them and change your mind, but be firm but fair if you are sure.

Check out this post - - as it will help a lot on exactly what you should do.