Babcock Rail Final Interview



Dear fellow unemployed grads

The following is in regard to the Babcock graduate scheme commencing later this year

I have passed rounds one (numerical and psychometric testing plus a short interview ) and passed round two (Full 8am-5pm assessment day; presentation, interview, 2 group exercises and a group game). I have been invited to round 3 which will involve me presenting a brief 10 minute presentation on what i expect from the graduate scheme and my take on conflict in the workplace then a 30 minute competency based and technical interview.

Now does anyone have any idea what happens in a technical interview or anyone else who know what gets asked at this stage? please do let me know Because I’m not sure what to expect.




What happened I have a 2 day Interview with them this Thursday and Friday!


Hi mate did you end up taking the technical interview? What sort of stuff did you end up doing? How about the assessment centre?


Did you attend the event and is there any questions/info you can give me about the technical interview and the group exercises/group game at the assessment centre?