BA HR Graduate Programme


Hi everybody,

I noticed there wasn’t a topic on this so decided to start one. I’ve just applied for the HR graduate program 2014 with BA, the deadline for applications is tomorrow (late I know!). I finished my application today, which included:

1 a series of multiple choice questions. Don’t make the rookie mistake of not realizing that you are being assessed on the multiple choice questions.
2 short answer questions. For the HR scheme there were 2x250 word questions one asking “why BA and why HR?” and the other assessing knowledge of the company. It can be a challenge to find the right balance between listing items and expanding to show understanding.
3 a cv.

Just after submitting my application I received an automated email confirmation.

Anyone else applying this year? Or has anyone applied previously? Any idea of timelines?



Hi Fliss,

I also applied to the programme. Any news on where you are now? My application is still under review!! Let me know the outcome. Good luck


hi gays
I am actually new on this page. i am doing MBA in Anglia Ruskin uni. i am just looking tier 2 job who can recruit me and apply for it possible on that site.
many thanks