AXA finance future leaders programme



hi everyone i have just had my video interview for the finance future leaders programme.
here are the questions…enjoy!

Considering what you know about AXA and our industry, why are you interested in joining AXA’s Finance Future Leaders Graduate Programme?
Our Add Your Colour graduate campaign reflects the fact that we employ a small number of graduates who will offer challenge, creativity, and will be agents for change within a supportive culture. Given what you know about AXA and our graduate programme, how would you Add Your Colour to help AXA Redefine Standards?
Treating customers fairly is of paramount importance to AXA. Can you describe a time when you have been a customer of an organisation and have received poor customer service, or been treated unfairly. How did this make you feel, and what did you learn from this experience?
Describe a long term challenge or opportunity you identified and explain how you developed a plan to achieve it?
The path to being a future leader in a business is challenging. What makes you think you will make it?