AXA Actuarial



Have anyone applied for the Actuarial Student Programme in AXA?

When will we choose role (life, GI and pensions) and location?
In application form, or at the time when we book appointment for interview?

In my memory, we did not choose role and location in application form.

If we did choose role and location in the application and I forgot what I chose, what I should do?
I have been told to book appointment for interview

Thank you


e999 did you ever get a chance to choose role (in GI,life, pensions) and location?? is it possible to give reasons as to why I want to work in GI in the app form? what does it mean when they say its a rotation programme? does that mean we switch from GI to life to pensions in the programme??

Please answer as am a bit confused. Thanks in advance:)



I have an assessment centre coming up for AXA Insurance Actuarial (General Insurance) Graduate Programme. I was wondering if anyone could detail what happens at AXA AC if anyone has been before, as I am very nervous and don’t really know how to prepare. How did you prepare for the AC? Also, what is the anaylysis presentation? It also says there will be a group exercise, written exercise. Can anyone give me more information please.
I would really appreciate it. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I hope your AC went well.
I’ll have interview soon, I am wondering could you please give me advice what sort of questions they will ask?


Hi TTT, When’s your assessment centre? If you already had one then would it be possible for you to share your experience!
Thanks :slight_smile:


hi GracJo and Saket,

Could I ask when will your AC booked, as I was booked one in Feb as well.

If you have joined AC, do you mind to share your experience ? I am quite nervous about the presentation part.



Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone got a call from AXA after the AC.






Was wondering if someone could help me. I have an interview coming up soon. What kind of question do they ask?




I have an interview at AXA coming up.
Can anyone remember the questions they ask?



Hi Miranda 123
When and where is ur interview? I got one coming up too …
Have u found any useful info abt how to prepare …



Hi everyone!

Has anyone been to an AC at AXA for a graduate actuarial position?
Can you let me know what the AC was like?



Hi Miranda 123,

when were u told to attend an AC? I had my first round interview on the 23rd of jan, but still haven’t heard from them…




I had my interview on the 9th of Jan and they let me know after about a week


i see… so when’s ur AC?