AXA Actuarial Graduate Interview


Hi guys,

I’ve got a first round interview with AXA for the Actuarial graduate programme next week and just wanted to know if anyone else has recently had one?
If so, how was it structured? Was it purely competency based and what kind of questions did they ask?
I’d really appreciate any help or advice!

Muchos gracias =)


Hi there,

I’ve got an interview coming up for next week. I heard they are adding some logical reasoning questions to the interview besides the competency based ones.

For the competency based questions, I had the interview with AXA last year an it’s about 4 competencies: Teamwork, integrity, managing projects, adapt to changes.

I don’t know if they have changed it this year onwards. Anyone else had the interview with AXA this year?



Oh I see, thanks for that anyway. Last year in the interview, did they also ask you any technical questions?



There were no technical questions at all last year, only motivational and competency based questions. So I really have no idea what kind of logical reasoning questions they’ll ask this time round…


Tried to book an interview but no slots are available. Have you experienced the same thing ?


hi stefanast, I am also trying to book an interview but no slots are available. Do you know who we should contact?


no unfortunately I do not… where are you from guys ?? are you international applicants or local students ??


I am a UK applicant, I don’t think it matters where you are from. It seems there are no slots available for any applicant at the moment!


Thanks for that.

@hxob123 and stefanast. I had a similar problem where they sent an interview invite on saturday but no slots were available, I checked on tuesday however and a whole list came up. So I wouldn’t worry too much, I suspect they schedule interviews per week.


thank you bsoman for the info. Have you been to an interview ? How is it ? What sort of questions do they ask ?


Hi stefanast, no I haven’t had mine yet. Also, does anyone know what they mean by logical reasoning questions?


hi, has anyone had their interview yet? can you please share your experience?


Can you please share any info about the interview ?? Thank youu


Anyone for the assessment center ?


I have an assessment centre on the 28th for accountancy scheme… anyone else?


MH123 I’ve also got an assessment centre on the 28th. I guess I’ll see you there…


Great, what position have you applied for? did you have a telephone interview? I only did tests then they invited me to AC…


It’s for the accountancy scheme also… I didn’t have a telephone interview either which was a surprise. You got any ideas for what they might ask in the interview?


Anyone for the Actuarial AC on the 5th of Feb ?


Does anyone knows how long it takes to hear back after submitting an online test?