AXA Accountancy Graduate Scheme 2013


Has anyone experienced a video interview with AXA for the accountancy programme?
what does it involve?


I just found out I have the same interview as you!!


I just found out I have the same interview as you!!

So if you come across any good information, please share!


unfortunately I have no come across any information. Have you done it yet?


I am probably going to do it tonight.

FYI. On Wiki Jobs, if you want some information, it’s usually polite to post what you know first.
Such as what resources you are preparing with etc.

You can’t get something for nothing!


hope your interview went well.


The interview consists of six questions,can’t remember one of the questions however:

  1. what is it about a career in accounting industry that excited/motivates you?
  2. How would you add colour to the Graduate scheme?
  3. describe a long term goal you achieved and how you achieved it?
  4. give an example of when you helped a friend/colleague through something challenging?
  5. why do you think you will be successful in this role?

The following are the exact interview questions…there’s a time limit so you need to be organised and fast and articulate…
What is it about a career in Accounting that excites or motivates you?
Our Add your colour Graduate campaign reflect the fact that we employ a small number of graduates who will, offer challenge, be agents for change within a supportive culture and be creative.Given what you know about AXA and our Graduate Programmes, How would you add your Colour at AXA?
Describe a long term goal that you identified & explain how you developed a plan to achieve it?
Give an example of an occasion when you have actively supported a friend, family member or colleague through a period of change/with something they found challenging?
Describe a time when you have been a customer of an organisation and have received poor customer service, or been treated unfairly. How did this make you feel, and what did you learn from this experience?
Please tell us why you think you will be successful


I mostly had the exact same questions.

I believe 2 were different but I can’t remember them.

To be honest, there’s not much you can prepare for this interview.

But obviously know WHY YOU APPLIED TO AXA and the scheme you applied for.

Whatever oyoo21 has said is correct so read the above post.

I passed. So now I have the Assessment Center on the 19th.

I have NO IDEA how to prepare for the AC :frowning: